Give our kids in Detroit a fair shot at a good life.
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Kids in Detroit don't usually get a fair shake.

Kids in Detroit didn't have anything to do with the auto industry falling apart. Our kids aren't responsible for the crime waves, the broken street lights or the arguing down at City Hall. Despite this, they get the raw end of the deal: They've gotta live with it all in their neighborhood.

So let's give kids a real chance at success. Lots of awesome after-school programs exist out in there, but most kids don't have a safe way to get to them every day. It's because of this we launched The Youth Transit Alliance. We give kids totally free rides from their schools, to their after school programs then straight home to their door.

On top of that, every bus is staffed with a caring adult that's there for them each and every time. It's much more than just a ride, it's a mobile safe space that kids can count on.

We're reaching out to you because we're currently fundraising the last dollars we need to finish the school year strong. If everybody who received this email just gave $20, we'd be done in ten minutes. If we DON'T raise the funds, the buses have to stop March 31st, 2015. Cold turkey. We don't want that to happen and I don't think you do either.

Follow this link to see our fundraiser and get yourself some sweet, sweet perks:

Take Me To The Fundraiser! Let's do it!
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