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 Cute Disturbing Art
art credit: Megan Gulick

Such a cute pink bunny in the painting - but wait, it's being crucified! What is going on here? This particular image is the work of Megan Gulick at the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour last October 2010. It is a tongue in cheek homage to a Caravaggio painting "The Crucifixion of St. Peter". It superimpose "a cute surprise" into an otherwise harrowing image. The art in this case functions as a thought provoking medium under the guise of saccharine cuteness. It is amazing how an element can totally change the mood of an artwork's subject (compmosition). There has been an ongoing trend of cute disturbing art that fascinates some and perplexes others.  There was an artists' meeting where the work was a fanciful black and white Jersey cow floating like a toy balloon in a cheerful background with birds. Later on, the artist explained that this was a commentary on the Mad Cow disease and Bird Flu epidemic at the time the piece was created. That insight totally changed it's impression as something cute at first then becoming cleverly profound. Employing this tactic though needs to be strong in the aritst's presentation and much thoughtful consideration must be made for it to be effective. It should be done in a palatable way so it is brilliant when the artist is subtle.  As Mary Poppins did say, "Just a spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down." And may I add, in the most delightful way.
- OL

The Greatest Art Movies
art credit: James Dean by Ocean Clark

There must be hundreds of movies about artists but this is just a sampling of five favorites. It is quite a feat of artistry when the actors and directors bring to life the passions and dynamic energy of an artist. If you have any recommendations of other films that fit the bill, please let us know by clicking here.
   1. Pollock (2000). This movie about the volatile alcoholic abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock whose life ended in tragedy was brilliantly acted and directed by Ed Harris.
   2. Frida (2002).  Directed by Julie Traymor, this movie starring Selma Hayek as the surrealist painter Frida Kahlo had stunning visuals when the art melded into the scenes.
   3. Lust for Life (1956). Kirk Douglas portrays Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh in this film directed by Vincent Minelli who is a cinematic genius.
   4. The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965) Charlton Heston is Michaelangelo in this movie based on an Irving Stone historical novel.
   5. Camille Claudel (1988). This film about Auguste Rodin played by Gérard Depardieu delves into the tumultuous affair he had with Claudel, a sculptress played by Isabelle Adjani.

And Survey Says: Poll Results from Issue #3

Thank you for your responses and now we know what you feel about photography in general. Here's the overall picture, folks! Till the next survey and keep clicking away.
  1. The cutest subjects are: Babies (31%) or Puppies (48%) or I hate Cute (18%) or ME (3%)
  2. Those cover shots of beautiful people are something to aspire. YES (18%) or NO (72%) or Thanks Photoshop (16%) or I'm much Hotter than them (4%)
  3. I love to be: Behind ( 58%) or  In Front (42%) of the camera
  4. Do I wish to have my own lighting director all the time? YES (47%) or NO (19%) or Not before 6 A.M. (29%) or I need a whole entourage to look decent (5%)
  5. The worst camera offense is: Out of Focus (39%) or Headless shots (13%) or Unflattering shots tagged on FB (48%)
  6. I'd rather use a: Simple Point and Shoot (72%) or The Complicated one with all the bells n' whistles (28%)
  7. Would I take a naked photo of myself on the camera phone? YES (12%) or NO (64%) or When I'm Drunk (18%) or on a dare/lost a bet (6%)
  8. Silver Gelatin Print - A Dying Art (57%) or One for the Dinosaurs (32%) or What does it taste like? (11%)

Color My World

Editorial by: Oscar A. Laluyan 

Opening a new box of Crayolas is one of the most exhilirating and special things when I was a kid. All those pristine and sharp crayons lined up inside the box feels like Christmas morning all over again. And I immediately used the most vibrant shade then use it. (Shout out to Sky Blue - I always wanted the 72 color Crayola set.)  Is it a Pavlovian instinct that draws one to something colorful? Color plays a big role in everyday living. They set rules like RED for stop and GREEN for go. They are also used in speech when one says "I am green with envy" or "I feel sad and blue." Studies have shown that color can affect a person psychologically. Orange and red incites appetite while blue calms one down. Every year the PANTONE color institute decides which colors will be the trend in fashion and design. Ah, but I relish color as it definitely affects my mood. Everyone has their own preference but I love my world so bright that I gotta wear shades. The same is true with art. I've been in the three RG gallery locations and observe how people are drawn to an artwork. I would say 7 out of 10 times, they like a piece because of the color. It can be a simplistic thing but it rings true. Color is an individual expression for everyone. It provokes memories, feelings and stimulates our senses. There might be people that eschew color  and stay neutral;  I respect that choice. However, if you want to break from the pack and strike out on your own then pick a color that you love. Own it and wear it proudly. So, I'll keep coloring my world in red, gold and green ala Boy George's "Karma Chameleon".  If that is too bright for you, then get those Raybans out baby!


Art Resource Guide in Hoboken

To all artists, writers. actors, crafters, performers, theatre groups, etc. in order to promote local arts group & businesses - Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken is creating an Art Resource Guide. There is no charge to sign up and the information will be posted for free on the City's website. This is a great way to market what you do and promote the arts on the One Mile Square (in the Mile Square). Please click here if you want to fill out the form online. For all RG artists, please mention your connection to the RG gallery if you have shown with us. Thank you!

Q & A: William Conroy Lindsay

William Conroy Lindsay's work can be described in a single word: COLORFUL. The visual impact of this signature "Squiggle" work is all his own. He got signed up this year to join the RG roster of artists at our Union City location.  His zest for the unique and unusual is also in his personality. Upon meeting him, you know that he is passionate and lives in the full color spectrum of his artistic life.  And it all began according to his own words, by doodling a single line that goes on to infinity. At the gallery, we often bill him as "Keith Haring if he used day-glo colors" and surprisingly in this Q & A, he cops to this fact and more. Discover the colorful world of William and enjoy visiting it!

1. When and where did your Squiggle style originate?
My Squiggle work was created from an everyday notebook doodle I always
did since my childhood.  This line I would just draw randomly when I
was bored in a class at school I had no interest in.  Something to get
me through the day.

2. If you had to work in a different style, what would it be?
I love doing heavy charcoal line drawings as well.  I use to do these
drawing in a class at SVA, Drawing for Graphic Designers.  We would
draw nude models with harsh light on them and we would use heavy charcoal
lines.  I did an amazing one of the inside of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

3. In your earliest recollection of coloring books, did you color in
or outside the lines?

I always colored inside the lines because I like everything to be
clean and simple, just like the drawings in a coloring book.  The
shapes have to stand out.  I like my work to be clean, modern,
and simple.

4. Besides your sculpture and paintings, where else do you put your
Squiggle art?

I have put my squiggle work on the walls of my apartment, my car, I etched it on glassware, put it on lampshades, pillows, t-shirts, a
grand piano this year with Sing For Hope NYC, vases, and will probably
put it on other found objects in the future.

5. Which colorful artist influenced you the most?
The artist that has influenced me the most is probably Keith Haring.
When I was 10 years old living in New Hampshire, my older sister
brought a postcard back from NYC of his work since she was going to
college at Sarah Lawrence and said it was very similar to the art I
was doing. I used to do stick figures in magic marker and surround
each figure over and over again in bright bold colors so it looked
like a man with an explosion of color surrounding it.  I guess you can still
see man figures in my own squiggle work that I am doing now.

6. If you can change the color of the sky, what color would it be?
I love blue sky actually, but it would be cool if it was turquoise,
which is a color I love to use in my work.

7. You dare to be different because...
I don't really dare to do anything....I just do as I please and do not
even think of being different at all.  I am just myself and have this
obsession of doing my artwork as much as possible.

8. Do you intend your art to make people happy? YES or NO
My artwork can make people feel however they want to feel.  I am not
out to make people happy or sad.  I want people to get what they want
from my work and feel how they want to feel when they look at it.

9. What's the most unusual thing you've put your Squiggle art on?
I would have to say my latest project, the grand piano, is the most
unusual object at this point in my career.

10. Besides creating art, what other activity makes you happy?
The company of close friends and family. Going out and enjoying
nature and experience what the world has to offer, which also
influences my work as well

11. Is there a dark side to you?
No...I try to be as simple a person I can be and enjoy every moment of
life, just like my work.

12. You've worn a Squiggle art vest and tie, are we thinking about a
Squiggle Fashion Line?

Maybe one day, but right now I am just focusing on my own fine art and
making as much as possible,

13. A world without anything colorful is...boring.

14. A fun fact about you that no one knows.
I want to squiggle everything as much as I can for as much time I have.

15. Favorite quotation by a famous person that sums up who YOU are.
I sum up who I am and no one else can even if they are famous.

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