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Let's Celebrate SSCV's Recent Graduates!

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! 

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is beyond excited to celebrate all of its high school graduates. They have accomplished many great things both on and off snow over the years and we can't wait to see what they do next!  We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. 

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail's Graduating Seniors:

Emma Barsness
Sarah Bivens
Dylan Boyes
Tianna Bruce
Clay Copenhaver
Taylor Dulaney 
Nicklas Eggebrecht
William Flaherty
George Fleischer
Noah Gionfriddo
Dimitri Grewal
Owen Grimmer
Samuel Heller
Zoe Huml
Savannah Jordaan
Nick Kirwood 
Sebastian Kohlhofer
Matthew Labaugh

James Martin
Reece May
William McLoota
Jenna Meyers
Mylo Ornowski
Kai Owens
Zoie Palmer
Elsa Perkins
Brianna Richards
Ian Rogers
Reagan Romano 
Grace Simek
Oliver Smith
Timothy Soulakis
Augustinho Teixeira
Caroline Ungar
William Wasserman
Tyler Wright 

Graduation photos:
VSSA (pictured top left, bottom right)
and VMS (pictured top right, middle group photo, bottom left)

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Current & Former Athletes Nominated to US National Team Status

U.S. Ski & Snowboard announced its 2022-2023 national team nominations which include an impressive number of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail current and former athletes. These current and former SSCV athletes have put in an incredible amount of time and shown an enormous amount of dedication, motivation and discipline to earn their nomination to the national team. SSCV is incredibly proud of the commitment of each of these athletes to their growth, on and off the hill, to get them to this point.  We look forward to their continued success in the upcoming 2022-2023 season!


A Team

Paula Moltzan
Mikaela Shiffrin

River Radamus

B Team 

Ava Sunshine Jemison
Allie Resnick

Bridger Gile
Kyle Negomir

D Team

Kaitlin Keane
Kjersti Moritz
Emma Resnick

*Click here for the full list of Alpine nominations. 


Halfpipe Pro Team

Aaron Blunck
Alex Ferreira

Halfpipe Rookie Team

Riley Jacobs

Matt Labaugh

*Click here for the full list of Freeski nominations.


Mogul Team

Olivia Giaccio
Tess Johnson
Elizabeth Lemley
Kai Owens

*Click here for the full list of Freestyle nominations. 


Slopestyle/Big Air Pro Team

Julia Marino

Snowboardcross Pro Team

Faye Gulini
Meghan Tierney

Connor Schlegel

Halfpipe Rookie Team

Kade Martin

*Click here for the full list of Snowboard nominations. 

SSCV with Nine Current and Former Athletes Nominated to the 2022-23 US Freeski and Snowboard Teams - By Olivia Lyda 

Vail, Colo - June 6, 2022 – Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) had the honor of nine total current and former athletes receiving nominations to the 2022-2023 US Snowboard & US Freeski teams. This achievement is no easy feat for these athletes, and SSCV is incredibly proud to be a part of these athletes’ journey to this enormous level of success. READ MORE
U.S. Ski & Snowboard nominates locals to Alpine and freestyle Teams

Vail Daily - May 12, 2022 –  Ten athletes with ties to Ski and Snowboard Club Vail or Edwards, Avon or Vail were among the 42 Alpine nominations and comprised three of the 26 freestyle spots. READ MORE

SSCV Former Athletes --
21-22 NCAA Collegiate Alpine and Nordic Athletes

Multiple former SSCV alpine and nordic athletes made the decision to continue to train and compete at the collegiate level in tandem with pursuing their college degree as listed below. SSCV realizes the level of commitment and rigor, both on and off snow, it takes to balance taking on NCAA collegiate competition alongside pursuing a college degree.  We are extremely proud of all of our former athletes for their continued accomplishments at the collegiate level.


Axel Bailey - Middlebury College
Lucia Bailey - Middlebury College
Reece Bell - University of Denver
Max Bervy - University of Colorado Boulder 
Emma Birtwhistle - Boston College 
Cleo Braun - University of Colorado Boulder 
Cooper Cornelius - University of Denver 
Tatum Coutu - Middlebury College 
Victoria Cubina - Saint Lawrence University
Jacob Dilling - University of Colorado Boulder 
Emma Hall - Middlebury College
Kaitlyn Harsch - University of Colorado Boulder
Henry Heaydon - Montana State University
Gabriella Holm - Montana State University 
Caroline Jones - University of Vermont 
Gigi Kelsey - Saint Michael's College
Kellen Kinsella - Dartmouth College
Kate Kirwood - Colby College
Avery Leonard - Bates College
Matt Macaluso - Colorado Mountain College 
Max Martin - Dartmouth College
Ainsley Proffit - Colorado Mountain College
Jack Reich - Colorado Mountain College
Hannah Soria - Colby College 
Tucker Strauch - Colby College 
Nellie Talbot - Montanta State University 
Bri Trudeau - Dartmouth College
Nicholas Unkovskoy - Colorado Mountain College 
Kalle Wagner - Dartmouth College 
Tegan Wold - Montanta State University 
Elena Zipp - Williams College 


Nathaniel Badger - Bates College
Emma Blakslee - Bates College
Molly Blakslee - Williams College 
Haley Brewster - University of Vermont 
Ian Hardenbergh - Colby College 
Kate Hardenbergh - Colby College 
Emma Reeder - Dartmouth College 
Franklin Reilly - Williams College 
Gracie Shanley - University of Denver 
Cameron Wolfe - Dartmouth College 

SSCV Announces Year End Snowsport Award Winners

Vail Daily - May 14, 2022 - On May 5, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) athletes, coaches and members of the community were recognized at SSCV’s year-end awards ceremony for their efforts and achievements on and off-snow during the 2021-22 season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person celebration of the year-end award recipients has been virtual for the past two seasons. This year, the SSCV community was thrilled to have an opportunity to gather in-person at the SSCV Clubhouse to celebrate its esteemed athletes and community members and to commemorate those in whose honor these awards are named. READ MORE

SSCV Press Coverage - SSCV Announces Year End Snowsport Award Winners

SSCV Photo Album - Year End Snowsport Award Winners

Below is a listing of these accolades, their descriptions, and their recipients. Our sincerest congratulations to all winners!


2021-2022 Year End Awards:


Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Awarded annually to an outstanding SSCV volunteer (beginning in 2022, by discipline as well as an off-snow volunteer of the year) in honor of Vi and Byron Brown and their outstanding and tireless long-term volunteer contributions to SSCV in a variety of roles both on and off the hill in support of SSCV’s mission.

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Alpine:  Amy Roberts 

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Freeski:  Brent Wambach

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Mogul:  Jay Lucus

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Nordic:  Kiki Schmidt

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Snowboard:  Jacqueline Bryles

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Off-Snow : Hilary Pooley 


Zella Gorsuch Award – Brad Ghent 

Awarded annually to the person with the greatest contribution to the advancement of skiing in the Vail area.


3C Athlete Awards – Monthly 3C Winners – Each monthly 3C award winner embodies one or more of SSCV’s core values of Character, Courage and Commitment (the 3C’s). 


3C Monthly Winner – December: Finn Griffin 

3C Monthly Winner – January: Spencer Peterson 

3C Monthly Winner – February: Kade Martin 

3C Monthly Winner – March: Olivia Lisle 

3C Monthly Winner – April: Gabe Fletcher 


Walter Kirch Award – Overall 3C Winner – Spencer Peterson 

 The Walter Kirch Award winner is selected from among the 3C monthly award winners. 


Les Streeter Awards – Presented annually to the Ski & Snowboard club Vail athlete for the most outstanding performance in each discipline. 


Alpine Les Streeter Award: Kaitlin Keane & Kjersti Moritz

Freeski Les Streeter Award: Matt Labaugh

Mogul Les Streeter Award: Elizabeth Lemley

Nordic Les Streeter Award: Rose Horning 

Snowboard Les Streeter Award: Beckett DePriest


George Rau Coach of the Year Award – Ian Dunlop, Pat Duran, Scott Houser and AJ Jensen

Presented annually to an outstanding coach at SSCV in recognition of the outstanding contributions to the development of young snowsports athletes of former SSCV coach George Rau.


SSCV Student of the Year Awards -Presented to a Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athlete attending an SSCV Academic Partner for their outstanding academic accomplishments while all the while balancing their commitment to their snowsport.

Lower/Middle School Student of the Year from Vail Mountain School: Solveig Moritz

Upper School Student of the Year from Vail Mountain School:  Kjersti Moritz 

Lower/Middle School Student of the Year from Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy: Henry Reynolds

Upper School Student of the Year from Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy: Dylan Boyes


Terresa Herbst Teacher of the Year  – Kari Bangtson 

Recognizing a Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy teacher for their outstanding contributions in support of SSCV full-time athletes in honor of Terresa Herbst. Terresa was the founding academic director at Vail Valley Academy, which was established as an SSCV academic partner, and later transformed into the Vail Tutorial Academy, setting the framework for SSCV’s Winter Tutorial program and Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy, all in support of the mission of SSCV.


Adrian Kearney Award – Blake Kirkham

 Presented annually to a graduating Alpine Age Class athlete who exhibits a true passion for skiing and a love for life in the mountains.


Paul Cuthbertson Award – Hunter Peterson 

Awarded annually to a current second year U16 alpine athlete moving into the FIS alpine program for the upcoming season who exhibits a true passion for skiing and a love for life in the mountains.


Downhill Racer Award – Hunter Salani 

Presented to the Ski & Snowboard Club athlete with the most outstanding performances in Downhill and Super G.


Thomas Pitcher Award – Matthew Bassin 

Presented annually to the Ski & Snowboard Club athlete who demonstrates the highest level of commitment to the sport of ski racing and academic excellence.


Craig Kelly Memorial Award –  Kaleb Gibbs

Presented annually to the Ski & Snowboard Club snowboard athlete who demonstrates the finest combination of athletics, citizenship and academic excellence.


Zeke Pierce Memorial Award – Sam Heller

Given annually to an SSCV member who exhibits a love of skiing and riding that transcends their competition discipline.  The recipient has a passion for skiing in all its many forms, pushes limits while taking responsible risks, and embraces the variables of weather, terrain and conditions that make skiing and riding so special.  A passion so deep that it exhibits a way of life, love for the environment and respect for all who share this love.


Campbell Sullivan SkiFast Award – Leif McGinley & Sophie Stocker 

The Campbell Sullivan SkiFast Award is given each year to the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athlete who is the beacon that enables Campbell’s light to shine on in our community through their actions and their words both on and off snow.  This athlete embodies the strength, kindness and selflessness, alongside a passion for their sport, that Campbell displayed each and every day as she gracefully but mightily confronted her cancer diagnosis head-on.

Inspired by Campbell this athlete also displays a courage and commitment to get through any challenge, supporting their team by demonstrating leadership and perspective.  As Campbell said in her own words on her SkiFast Foundation website  “Facing cancer has been a challenge I wouldn’t wish on anyone but I would tell others that conquering cancer both mentally and physically has taught me leadership and perspective, skills I am taking to college with me that are not on my transcript. Instead of limiting me, cancer has motivated me to take on the future, no holding back.”

Let her light shine through you. 


Gaynor Miller Snowsports Nominees – An SSCV athlete nominated from each snowsport for exhibiting the highest standards of Sportsmanship, Teamwork and Dedication. This athlete’s overall performance is an example to be followed.

Alpine Gaynor Miller Nominee: Nicklas Eggebrecht 

Freeski Gaynor Miller Nominee: Cayden Snyder 

Mogul Gaynor Miller Nominee: Jameson Kust 

Nordic Gaynor Miller Nominee: Elsa Perkins 

Snowboard Gaynor Miller Nominee: Luke Leal


Gaynor Miller Award Winner –  Elsa Perkins 

The Gaynor Miller Award winner is selected from among the Gaynor Miller Nominees.

SSCV Snowsport Program Specific Award Winners

SSCV honored a number of athletes at various snowsport and/or age specific year end recognitions as Male or Female Athlete of the Year or for their embodiment of SSCV's core values of character, courage or commitment.  Congratulations to all of SSCV's 2021-2022 award winners!


Age Class Prep
Female Character Award: Eleanor Coyne
Male Character Award: Lincoln Lurie
Female Courage Award: Ruby Bullivant
Male Courage Award: Henry Wolfe
Female Commitment Award: Sloane Bodziak
Male Commitment Award: Ewan Dunlop
Female Athlete of the Year: Beatrice Waugh
Male Athlete of the Year: Dag Williams

Female Character Award: Hope Gustafson
Male Character Award: Max Major
Female Courage Award: Charlotte Harpold
Male Courage Award: Antonio Poe
Female Commitment Award: Diana Zaytseva & Zoe Wannamaker
Male Commitment Award: Dylan Kawamura
Female Athlete of the Year: Cecelia Sumner & Hailey Anderson 
Male Athlete of the Year: Liam Cournoyer 

Female Character Award: Mia Eaton
Male Character Award: Colin Murchison
Female Courage Award: Elizabeth Kennealey & Savannah Thomas
Male Courage Award: Nathan Gregory
Female Commitment Award: Stella Phillips
Male Commitment Award: Marc Draw
Female Athlete of the Year: Kristina Shamshuryn
Male Athlete of the Year: Aidan Wick & Calen White

Female Character Award: Harper Ross Rope
Male Character Award: Trevor Moltz
Female Courage Award: Meg Gustafson
Male Courage Award: Tana Dixon
Female Commitment Award: Ella Drai
Male Commitment Award: Garrett Pooley
Female Spirit Award: Shay Armistead
Male Spirit Award: Jake Martz Feige

U14/U16 Age Class Part Time
Male Character Award: Ole Arens
Female Courage Award: Sonya Schaub
Female Commitment Award: Keira Raftery & Tessa Csajaghy
Male Athlete of the Year: Mats Arens

Male Character Award: Banks Biffle
Male Courage Award: Erik Strickler
Male Commitment Award: Spenser Gustafson
Male Athlete of the Year: Stewie Bruce

Female Character Award: Julia Michailova
Male Character Award: Stanley Andrie
Female Courage Award: Tianna Bruce
Male Courage Award: Brady Malboeuf
Female Commitment Award: Josephine Trueblood
Male Commitment Award: Julian Arthur
Female Athlete of the Year: Kjersti Moritz & Kaitlin Keane
Male Athlete of the Year: Hunter Salani


Female Athlete of the Year: Rose Horning
Male Athlete of the Year: Tyler Wright


Male Character Award: Chase Barros
Female Courage Award: Georgia Stewart
Male Commitment Award: Nash Lucas
Female Athlete of the Year: Elizabeth Lemley
Male Athlete of the Year: Garrett Marley

Male Character Awards:
Ryan Stockton 
Male Courage Award: Mia Torres
Female Courage Award: Mahlia Torres
Male Commitment Award: Riley Hughes
Female Athlete of the Year: Kaiya Torres
Male Athlete of the Year: Jiah Cohen 

Female Courage Award: Stella McGuire
Male Commitment Award: Gavin Roden-Johnson
Female Athlete of the Year: Ashlyn (Ash) Highum
Male Athlete of the Year: Riley McGuire
3C's Award: Alex Stewart


All Teams
Female Character Award:
Kailey Thayer
Male Character Award: Vincent Mangat
Female Courage Award: Sloane Thompson
Male Courage Award: Noah Fletcher
Female Commitment Award: Caroline Ungar
Male Commitment Award: Henry Castillo
Female Athlete of the Year: Jenna Meyers
Male Athlete of the Year: Sam Heller

Park & Pipe Full Time Middle School 
Male Character Award: Fletcher Taylor
Male Courage Award: Mac Harrington 
Male Commitment Award: Ricky Hasselman 
Male Athlete of the Year: Logan Parham 

Park & Pipe Full Time High School 
Female Character Award: Marley Leavitt
Male Character Award: Dylan Boyes
Female Courage Award: Roxy Surridge
Male Courage Award: Lucas Blanch
Male Commitment Award: Jack Ganley
Female Commitment Award: Grace Simek
Female Athlete of the Year: Kenna Keenan
Male Athlete of the Year: Matt LaBaugh

Male Character Award: CJ Serbinksi, Roman Bonifazi & Boden Graybill
Female Courage Award: Dylan Frank
Male Courage Award: Marcelo Constandse
Female Character Award: Chloe Lawler
Female Commitment Award: Olivia Kirby
Male Commitment Award: Flynn Danielli & Kyle Buxton


Female Character Award:
Zhara-Kadi Kegode
Male Character Award: Owen Bryles
Female Courage Award: Viviana Oram
Male Courage Award: Oliver Martin
Female Commitment Award: Haley Plumley
Male Commitment Award: Severin Richaud 
Female Athlete of the Year: Olivia Lisle
Male Athlete of the Year: Kade Martin

4 Day and Mini Shreds
Female Character Award: Ziva Levy
Male Character Award: Ford Powell 
Female Courage Award: Annika Isaacs
Male Courage Award: Gareth Kinney
Male Commitment Award: Rylan Polatty
Male Athlete of the Year: Griffin Applegate
True Bennett: Full gas on the pedals

Vail Daily - June 6, 2022 – The GoPro Mountain Games better get used to True Bennett.

The 16-year-old Vail cyclist has been attending the backyard event ever since his memory first booted up, and he plans on racing bikes until the day his mind finally goes, too.

“Biking’s the only career option I’ve really looked at. I mean, that’s all I want to do,” he said.  READ MORE

Bayli McSpadden: Closing the gap

Vail Daily - June 6, 2022 – A caveat to parents reading this article: If your son or daughter suggests a year off post-high school graduation to “focus on Xbox,” don’t take the bait.

Bayli McSpadden approached her gap year as an opportunity to see just what was possible if she went all in on her sport. Turns out, the rising mountain bike star is even surprising herself with her recent jump in performance.

“I’m trying to continue to surprise myself. Just trusting my training has really helped me in the process,” she said. READ MORE

Brown and McSpadden win pro races at Eagle Ranch Classic
- Including quotes from SSCV athletes 

Vail Daily- June 3, 2022 –  A vibrant, competitive local field congregated at Eagle Ranch for the the first all-ages race in the 2022 Bloch & Chapleau Mountain Bike Race Series: The Eagle Ranch Classic. Clear skies, temperatures in the low 70s and a mild 6 mph west northwest wind greeted the 198 mountain bikers who took to the Bailey, Wall/Riddle and Short loops. READ MORE
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National Development Group Gets Extraordinary Opportunity
- including quotes from SSCV alpine athlete Hunder Salani who is a member of the National Development Group

Ski Racing - May 29, 2022 –  . . .  This year the USST staff decided that the entire men’s team would train together. The objective was to create an opportunity for athletes and staff from all levels and disciplines to work shoulder to shoulder. The men’s team believed that combining efforts would make a unique team-building opportunity, and participants would have a chance to learn from each other. With the blessing of Riml and Knight, Flinn saw this camp as an opportunity to integrate the elite of the NDG group with the National Team. READ MORE

Current and former SSCV athlete National Development Group attendees -- Trent Pennington, Sawyer Reed and Hunter Salani
Snowy Commencement for snowsport athletes

Vail Daily - May 20, 2022 –  It was a snowy commencement for the snowsports athletes of Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy on Friday.

The Eagle County magnet school graduated 26 seniors at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, where the large windows on the indoor venue allowed crowds to enjoy the heavy snowfall blanketing the mountains outside. READ MORE

SSCV Photo Album - 2022 VSSA Graduation

SSCV Makes its Mark at USASA Freeski Nationals

Vail Daily - April 19, 2022 –  Ski & Snowboard Club Vail sent 21 qualifying athletes to Copper Mountain for the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association (USASA) Freeski National Championships. The club’s current and former athletes made their mark, taking two podiums and seven top-10 placements. READ MORE

SSCV Press Coverage 

Important Club Announcements

2022-23 enrollment is now open

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail enrollment for the 2022-23 season is open for all programs, both full-time and part-time. Click here for details and applicable deadlines. Please pass along this information to family and friends who may be interested in joining Ski & Snowboard Club Vail for the 2022-23 season. 
Learn More

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Early Summer Camps are fast approaching for your athlete! With early morning travel and training, it is important to remember how much sleep is necessary for athlete success. Adolescents should be getting between 8-10 hours of sleep every night. For student athletes, research suggests it is better to get at least 9-10. School-age children (ages 6-12 years) need at least 9-11 hours of sleep a night. The infographic below has helpful information about how sleep can impact your athlete’s mental health, physical health, and their cognitive performance. The Steadman Clinic wishes all the SSCV athlete’s a restful summer break! We hope this sleep information will positively benefit their post season training!

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