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SSCV is thrilled to be participating in the Colorado Gives Day this year!  Make an Annual Campaign donation to SSCV through this website on December 9th and 100% of your donation will go to the club.  You can also schedule a gift today that will be donated on December 9 - just click on the "Schedule a Donation for Colorado Gives Day" option.


Celebration of Winter Leadership Council Dinner and Live Auction

Thank You and Photo Album

We are very grateful for the generous support received at last Saturday evening's Leadership Council Dinner and Live Auction.  
Click here for a photo album of the event.

Nordic Trail Crew Volunteer Thank You

Many thanks for all of the hard work put forth by the volunteer crews throughout the pre-season to make the Nordic trails at Maloit Park the best they can be for our athletes this winter!   The Nordic coaching staff is looking forward to a great season with their athletes.

World Cup Volunteers Needed

Beaver Creek-November 28th through December 7th

Be a part of bringing the best of alpine racing to the Vail Valley.

November 28-December 1-set up-8 am – 4 pm; 1 registrar per day; remaining volunteers must be decent skiers or riders and capable of hard physical labor (e.g.-setting b net)

December 2-December 7-men’s training and competition days; 1 registrar needed; remaining volunteers must be extremely competent skiers or riders.
  •  Anyone who wishes to volunteer on a training or competition day must have completed at least one set up day. 
  • Anyone who wishes to volunteer at the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Vail/Beaver Creek must have previous Birds of Prey work experience.
To volunteer, log in to your My SSCV account at and click on Volunteer or contact for more information

Get in the Gates Recreational Race Program

Presented by Alpine Bank and provided by
Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Please pass along to friends and family who might like to participate.  Remember-the program is for 8 year olds through adults and Masters--so parents please think about joining the program too!



From the Blog of Luke Bodensteiner

Executive Vice President, Athletics, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

To Achieve Excellence Start With Participation


REMINDER-SSCV Clubhouse Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures  

We had our first official weekend of drop off and pick up last weekend.  Thank you very much for your support in keeping traffic moving through the driveway and off of Vail Valley Drive.

Just a reminder for those of you who might not have read this article in the last newsletter--in order to make the drop off and pick up process as safe, efficient and convenient as possible, SSCV has adopted the following procedures for drop off and pick up of athletes. Also note that the Town of Vail expects SSCV to manage congestion and delays on Vail Valley Drive so we also ask for your cooperation in minimizing our impact on the traffic flow.
We ask that you take note of procedures for drop off and pick up on HIGH IMPACT DAYS compared to NON HIGH IMPACT DAYS. HIGH IMPACT DAYS are weekends and holidays.

  • SSCV Clubhouse driveway to be used only for drop off and pick up, with a maximum stay of 5 minutes. Parking during high impact days is not available. Unauthorized vehicles left unattended may be booted, relocated and/or a fine imposed.
  • On high impact days program start and ending times will be staggered to allow a consistent flow of traffic through the Clubhouse driveway.
  • SSCV staff will be on site directing the traffic flow and assisting you with loading or unloading your vehicle on high impact days
  • Entering Vail Valley Drive from the West. Note that on high impact days traffic approaching from the West on Vail Valley Drive can be quite congested. If possible, we strongly encourage members to approach the SSCV Clubhouse from the East. Using the East Entrance can result in a more efficient drop off or pick up
  • Enter Vail Valley Drive from the East.  Please drive to the golf course bridge, turn south and proceed to the club via Vail Valley Drive going west. We will have traffic directors that will make sure you have no issue turning left into the clubhouse driveway.  We also ask that you exit the driveway and follow Vail Valley Drive back east after you have dropped off or picked up your children. Please be sure to obey the speed limits through the neighborhood.
  1. Enter Vail Valley Dr. from the West or East (Golf Course)
  2. Enter the Clubhouse using the West entrance
  3. Follow the direction of the staff wearing orange vests.
  4. Pull as far forward as possible. 
  5. Staff will be available to help unload athletes and gear quickly
  6. Once athletes are unloaded use the East exit back onto Vail Valley Dr.
  7. Turn right, East, onto Vail Valley Drive (if possible) otherwise exit to the West
  8. Drive safe
  1. Enter Vail Valley Dr. from the West or East (Golf Course)
  2. Enter the Clubhouse using the West entrance
  3. Follow the direction of the staff wearing orange vests.
  4. Pull as far forward as possible. 
  5. Remain with your vehicle
  6. Staff/coaches will be present with athletes and assist in loading vehicle
  7. Once athletes are loaded use the East exit back onto Vail Valley Dr.
  8. Turn right, East, onto Vail Valley Drive (if possible) otherwise exit to the West
  9. Drive safe
Your assistance with these last few details will help speed your drop off and pick up at the the clubhouse every day. Following the procedures also places fewer cars in the traffic jam west of the clubhouse and will allow SSCV to contribute significantly to solving the congestion issues along Vail Valley Drive.
NON- HIGH IMPACT DAYS: weekdays (and non-holidays)
We ask that you follow the same general procedures for drop off and pick up on NON-HIGH IMPACT days, but we will have limited parking space to conduct club business (tune shop, coaches meeting, etc.) Please pull your vehicle as far forward as possible and park either on the left or right side. Also in every case, please leave the keys to your vehicle in the ignition so that SSCV personnel may move the vehicle as needed based on traffic demand.
  • Dropping off at the Gold Peak Lodge or Children’s Center is NEVER an option. Using those areas for pick up and drop off is not allowed by Vail Resorts, and your vehicle could be subject to a traffic ticket or being towed
  • One exception is too many.  Daily many cars are left in the drop off/ pick up zone while parent’s “run inside real quick”. Please note the following suggestions to make necessary trips inside.
  • Are you aware that parking the Town of Vail structures is free for the 1st two hours? Drop off the kids, park in a Town of Vail parking area and return to the clubhouse on foot.
  • SSCV encourages you to conduct other business between 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Please be mindful that the SSCV lot remains a loading and unloading zone all day long through the winter and keep your visits as short as possible.
  • To manage drop off and pick up more effectively, or if you need to conduct business on high impact mornings/afternoons you may consider the two adult method where one parent hops out while the other exits the driveway and then returns a few minutes later to pick the 1st adult up.


Please Help SSCV Take Its Partnership with Vail Resorts and Its “Expect More” Initiative “To the Next Level”

At SSCV we strive to be a consistently positive partner with Vail Resorts, which provides unparalleled support for our programs.  With the kick-off of the season we wanted to share with you a very special way in which SSCV’s partnership with Vail Resorts evolved last season through SSCV’s “Expect More” initiative, an evolution made possible via the support of SSCV parents, athletes and staff, and we ask for your continued support in helping bring this partnership to “The Next Level” in the coming season.
By way of background, although our staff and athletes generally conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner on the mountain, last season we felt that we had some opportunities to make improvements. While SSCV has always worked hard to be responsive to any issues brought to our attention by Vail Resorts, we felt that with an increasingly proactive approach we could do more to prevent issues from arising.
As such, SSCV’s initiative, termed "Expect More," was originated last season by our Executive Director Aldo Radamus. â€œExpect More” was a call to action for everyone at the club, staff and athletes alike, to strive towards exemplary, rather than simply acceptable, behavior and conduct on the mountain.
SSCV leaders including Aldo, Athletic Director Brandon Dyksterhouse, Human Performance Director John Cole, Operations Director CB Bechtel and General Manager Mike Trueblood spent time communicating with SSCV staff and athletes both off and on the hill. We also established a consistent presence at Gold Peak and other venues on Vail Mountain to encourage exemplary behavior in slow zones, lift lines, key areas such as Mid Vail and on the chairlifts. 
For the first few weeks of the initiative, the SSCV leaders observed the groups and worked to recognize outstanding performances and to provide friendly reminders, when, for example an athlete might forget to place the comfort bar down on the chairlift. During the last weeks of the season, the expectation was established that instances of not following the expectations could result in consequences such as lost training time. 
Additionally, and equally as important, the SSCV team worked hard to reach out to Vail Resorts personnel from Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety as a part of this initiative. It was very informative for SSCV to learn more about the challenges faced by both of these groups when the “Expect More” expectations were not met by our staff and athletes.
As we look to the start of the new season we are excited to continue partnering with SSCV parents, athletes, staff and the Vail Resorts team to take the "Expect More," initiative “To the Next Level”,  enjoy further successes and avoid the need to impose consequences on staff or athletes for non-compliance.   We ask that you please take a few minutes to remind your children in their role as ambassadors of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail of the importance of the following not only at Vail Mountain but at each and every mountain they visit: 
  • adhering to attentiveness and controlled speed, with the flow of traffic, in slow zones
  • respecting lines and ropes in all areas of the mountain, including closures and boundaries, and in lift lines
  • placing the comfort bar down on every lift ride
  • storing skis, poles and boards in designated areas while in a lodge
Thank you for your continued support!  Looking forward to another great season!

SSCV Masters Race Camp

December 3rd-6th


Complimentary Events for Prospective Nordic Development Level Athletes

Please pass along to interested families

SSCV is offering several complimentary events for prospective Nordic development level athletes.  Please pass along the below information to interested families.

SSCV Hall of Fame & Wall of Excellence Nominee Announcement & Invitation to Alumni Reunion Weekend

Click here to purchase your SSCV Alumni Reunion Weekend
Event Tickets, Sponsorships and Discounted Lift Tickets.



Additional SSCV Press Coverage; Athlete and Alumni Related Coverage

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SSCV Press Coverage
News from SSCV
SSCV Website

Important Dates

SSCV Winter Office Hours:: 

Tuesday -Sunday
8:00 am-5:00 pm
at SSCV Clubhouse Office


December 3-6 ::

SSCV Masters Race Camp-details in left hand column

December 5-7 ::

2014 Audi Birds of Prey World Cup

December 13-14 ::

Smartwool GS in Vail

December 17 ::

Nordic Town Series-#1-Minturn

February 6, 7 and 8 ::

Volunteer Opportunities

 :: Birds of Prey World Cup
     November 28-December 7

 ::  Smartwool Races
      December 13-14

 ::  Nordic Town Series
      December 17, January 21,
      February 4, March 18

 :: Photographers-click here for

To view all volunteer opportunities, log in to your My SSCV account at or contact for more information.

Doug Elsey

Alpine Head Womens FIS Coach


Doug is a Level 300 Certified Coach, Level 4 Certified Referee and a Level 2 Certified Chief of Race. He graduated in 1994 from CU with a degree in Journalism and Philosophy.

Doug is excited to be back for another season and help his athletes ski fast!



SSCV Classifieds!

We have a classified section for our members to sell new and used gear, post rental homes, and more!

To add to or view the classified section click here. This is not to be used for business purposes.

E mail if you would like to remove old listings.


Supporting Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is as easy as shopping at  Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Ski & Snowboard Club Vail whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.

Simply follow these easy steps.
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Attention SSCV members: Want to put your grocery shopping to good use? A program is available with your City Market Value Card that allows SSCV to earn funds based on your grocery spending.

The Rewards Program will pay participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating City Market Community Rewards organizations. Each purchase made raises money for SSCV! 
Card holders can enroll their Value Card online HERE and choose Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (Organization # 10347) to benefit from their spending when they shop at City Market.
We are proud to be a part of this community program.  Thank you for your support!


Were you once a member of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail?  Email Sharon Schmidt ( with your current contact information (name, address, phone and email).  Let us know contact info for your fellow alumni as well! 

We strive to have every SSCV family make an Annual Campaign gift of personal significance--because Every Snowflake Counts.

Thank you to the following families who are 2014-2015 Leadership Council Members:

Anonymous (2)
Jill Landman Alfond and John
Shannon and Todger Anderson
Tracy McFadden and Scott
Arthur-Cabot Holdings, LLC
Molly and Steve Avery
Beth and Cameron Bailey
Suzi and Mike Bailey
Cindy Balin
Susan and Daniel Blake
The Borgen Family Foundation
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Glenn Davis
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Carol and Ray Hilliard 
Christie and Karl Hochtl
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The Addis Family
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