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New Blyott Mobile App

The latest version of the Blyott mobile app has just been released in both the Apple & Google stores.

It has never been easier linking Bluetooth tags to assets: just scan the product codes using the built-in camera of your phone and press the “Link” button.

The app even supports “batch scanning” if you need to link many tags to assets.

Download App

Customer Testimonial

Last quarter we also published our first customer testimonial.

This testimonial explains how a hospital is using “indoor localization” to help them realize “Big Savings and a Happy Staff”. Big “Thank You” to our client AZ Maria Middelares hospital for their help in making this video.

AZMM Hospital Customer Testimonial

Works with Wiliot

Battery-free Bluetooth “stickers” are coming, and Wiliot is leading the way.

Together with our partner Silvercloud computing, we realized a revolutionary “Smart Cabinet” based upon this exciting new technology. Also a big “Thank You” here to our client Spits Oosterwolde for their help in realizing this testimonial. Please see the video below for more.

SPITS Testimonial

SAS Partnership

SAS Analytics is world’s #1 big data analytics company.

Together with SAS we’re working on new “Big Localization Data” tools.

E.g. for helping healthcare organizations to predict the utilization of assets, maintenance and even loss.

Mikrotik KNOT

Last month Mikrotik, one of Europe’s leading telecom networking companies, announced “KNOT”.

This revolutionary new mobile router includes support for the Blyott cloud platform. This way hospitals can not only to track assets “indoor” but also while “in transit” (think e.g. in ambulances, …). More information in the video below.

Mikrotik KNOT

Coming soon...

In our next “Product Brief”, we’ll give you a first sneak preview of the Blyott “App Portal’. This portal will contain many useful apps our clients have asked for and which we plan to launch in the course of this year. Because it always start with “localization”, but localization is only a first step…

In the meantime, if you have any questions or ideas about how to improve our offering please use our support portal or mail address:

Thank You - the Blyott Team

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