March 2014

This message is to give you an update on CLBC’s budget. 

Last month, the provincial government presented their annual budget and announced that CLBC will receive some new funding. Next year, our total budget will increase by $35.7 million to a record high of $827.2 million. Here is a media report

We would like to thank Social Development and Social Innovation Minister Don McRae, our CLBC Board of Directors and CLBC staff for all their help to make this new budget a reality.  
Equally important, we would like to thank all the self advocate leaders working across BC to promote equality and inclusion in your communities. This new budget is a tribute to your dedication.   

This new funding will help us provide new services to approximately 2,500 people with developmental disabilities, autism or FASD next year. We will also continue to promote employment for the people we serve. For more details, you can look at CLBC’s full three-year Service Plan here.

This budget is good news, but we still have more work to do. CLBC will continue to work with the government to make it easier for individuals and their families to make the choices which lead to a good life. We will also continue to listen to and learn from the people we serve to make sure your voice guides our work.
If you have any questions regarding this year’s BC Budget and the CLBC Service Plan, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by responding to this email.  

Yours truly,

Doug Woollard               Jessica Humphrey                 
Interim CEO                              Self Advocate Advisor             
Community Living BC           Community Living BC

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