March 2013

Dear Friends and Self Advocates in BC, 
Self Advocates from around the province continue to tell us that employment is a really important part of having a good life.  We at Community Living BC take this very seriously. This is a message to let you know about the Community Action Employment Plan.

Last year over 700 people across BC, including  many of you,  told us their stories and ideas on how to create more jobs for individuals who want to work. These ideas came from service providers, self-advocates, individuals and families, Community Council members, employers, and community members. Together we created the Community Action Employment Plan. You can see a graphic of the Plan by clicking here.

The Community Action Employment Plan focuses on:
  • working together across BC to increase employment
  • changing attitudes
  • creating local employment plans in communities around BC
  • finding ways people can access employment support when they need it
  • partnering with the Self Advocacy Movement 
The Community Action Employment Plan recognizes the role of the Self Advocacy community as leaders of this work. We are excited to be starting conversations with Self Advocate leaders on how we can work together to help create more job opportunities for people who want to work.  If you are interested in getting involved contact Jessica Humphrey, CLBC Self Advocate Advisor at

If you are holding regular Self Advocacy meetings or events, we can help spread the word through the CLBC calendar and social media.  If you would like someone from CLBC to attend so we can share updates in person, let us know and we will do our best to be there. Please reply to this email with your event details.

We want to thank everyone who contributed their ideas, stories and experiences to the Plan. As work continues, we will make sure you are updated on the work that is taking place, including opportunities to give feedback and get involved.


Doug Woollard                              Jessica Humphrey
Interim CEO                                   Self Advocate Advisor
Community Living BC                Community Living BC                             

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