Message from Board Chair and Interim CEO 
February 2014

Further to our progress report from last week, we are pleased to provide you with a short overview of the impact the 2014/15 BC Budget will have on Community Living BC (CLBC).

In the Budget he presented to the BC Legislature, the Minister of Finance confirmed that CLBC will receive increased funding to respond to increased service demand over the next three years as government remains committed to maintaining existing services and responding to new adults with developmental disabilities, FASD and Autism and their families.

CLBC’s 2014/15 - 2016/17 Service Plan – which was released in association with the provincial budget – confirms the government provided additional support for CLBC in fiscal 2013/14 increasing our forecast total revenue from all sources to $791.5 million. For fiscal 2014/15 as a result of the Budget 2014 announcement, CLBC’s total operating budget for 2014-15 will increase by another $35.7 million to a record high of $827.2 million. 

We would like to thank Social Development and Social Innovation Minister Don McRae, his staff, Ministry officials, our CLBC Board of Directors and senior management team for their efforts over the past few months to help make this budget commitment a reality.  

Equally important, we would like to recognize community living stakeholders across the province for your excellent work and unwavering commitment to promoting inclusion and improved quality of life for the people we serve. This budget commitment from the provincial government is a tribute to your dedication and hard work.   

As a result of this commitment, we expect to be in a position to provide new services and supports to over 2,500 people with developmental disabilities, autism or FASD in 2014/15. Here is a sample of media reports related to the BC Budget and CLBC:

While this budget investment represents a significant increase, our Service Plan also recognizes continued service demand pressures due to increases in the population served (particularly youth turning 19) and additional service requirements of those already supported due to their increasing disability-related needs.

In this light, the Ministry of Social Development and CLBC will continue to make every effort to maximize existing resources and support the introduction of a new integrated service delivery model that promotes a ‘one government approach’ to service delivery. 

In addition to helping us address a significant portion of this growing service demand, the new funding announced in the provincial budget will support ongoing implementation of CLBC’s Community Action Employment Plan and improvements to our Personalized Supports Initiative.

If you have any questions regarding the new CLBC Service Plan or BC Budget, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  

Yours truly,  

Denise Turner                       Doug Woollard
Board Chair                                         Interim CEO
Community Living BC                    Community Living BC

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