April 2014

Hello everyone,

The CLBC Board of Directors approved updated Terms of Reference and a local member appointment process for Community Councils at their April 9 meeting in Kamloops. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work over the past 12 months. The Terms of Reference focus the work of Councils in four areas: 

  1. Work with your local CLBC Community Planning and Development Manager and staff to strengthen the communities’ inclusion of all people
  2. Initiate projects to strengthen the communities’ inclusion of all people
  3. Inform the CLBC Board and management through the Provincial Advisory Committee about province-wide barriers to inclusion and citizenship for people with developmental disabilities that require change
  4. Provide opportunities for individuals and families to connect and share information

With respect to the local appointment process, the Board has delegated appointment and re-appointment of Council members to Directors of Regional Operations. Full details of this process are in section 2.7 of the Council Handbook. This new process addresses concerns by the Community Council Task Force about timeliness of appointments and re-appointments. The delegation of the appointment process is effective immediately; this means that any pending nominations and reappointments need to be forwarded to DROs with the appropriate paperwork, using the process set out in the Handbook. 
The Community Council website is where you will find a link to the Handbook. Other important links related to Councils are also presented below:

The web version of the Handbook will always be the most up to date version. If you want a printed copy of the Handbook or Handbook summary, contact your Community Planning and Development Office and they will arrange this for you. CLBC will also make the Handbook available on DVD should reliable internet access be a problem. In the future, when changes are made to the Handbook, these will be communicated to everyone who is involved in the work of Councils. Important Handbook announcements and updates will also be posted on the Community Council website. We want to make sure the Handbook is as reader friendly and useable to Council members as possible so if you have suggestions, please send your ideas to Councils@communitylivingbc.ca.
As many of you know, Brian will be on holidays from May 12 to June 23 and will then be retiring as of Friday, June 27. Moving forward, Sylvie Zebroff, CLBC’s Family Partnership Advisor, will be the staff liaison to Community Councils and the Provincial Advisory Committee. Please don’t hesitate to respond directly to this email if you have any questions.

Yours truly,  

Doug Woollard                      Brian Salisbury
Interim CEO                                        Director, Individual, Family and Volunteer Engagement
Community Living BC                     Community Living BC

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