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Greetings Martin Luther School Families,

We are now less than four weeks away from the start of another school year. Although this year begins with many changes and uncertainties one thing remains constant. We have a good and gracious God who is in control of all things and is always watching over his redeemed children. Martin Luther School remains steadfast in carrying out our mission. The reopening plan below was created prior to Governor Evers mask mandate. We will be following his mandate should it be in effect as we start school on August 26. I will continue to send out updates over the next weeks as this situation remains fluid and ever-changing.  I continue to pray for all of you and look forward to another year of partnering with you to provide Christian Education to the children that God has entrusted us with.

God bless,

Principal Steve Hennig



Martin Luther School Reopening Plan



Guidelines for Reopening:

To minimize the risk of illness/exposure for faculty and students and to maximize the likelihood of continued classroom operation, Martin Luther School has set forth a list of guidelines with which to begin the school year. It was with the best intentions of safety, balanced with a sense of “normalcy” for students, that the faculty reviewed the county, state, and federal recommendations and fashioned a plan under which we feel Martin Luther can fully operate. It is our prayer that parents recognize the spirit in which these guidelines are given, and do their best to cooperate with them, while also encouraging their students to understand and uphold the guidelines as we begin a new, and very different-looking, school year on August 26.


Martin Luther Goals

  • Keep Martin Luther students learning daily within the physical school building by avoiding excessive illness and shutdowns, which would then require distance learning situations.

  • Serve all Martin Luther families, while recognizing the wide and varied thoughts/concerns surrounding the reopening of schools for the 2020-2021 school year. 

  • Ensure a safe learning environment with as few distractions as possible, in order to continue providing sound, Christian education for our students, reaping benefits for both time and eternity. 


Before Arriving at School

  • Before leaving your home, please check your child’s temperature using a thermometer.  

  • Fever-reducing medicine used in the morning to reduce a child’s fever so they can attend school is prohibited. We realize other medications may be necessary for a child in the morning that may simultaneously reduce a fever, but it may not be taken specifically to reduce the fever. 

  • Consider your child’s overall wellness each morning. Does my child have any of the following symptoms?

    • Cough, shortness of breath, headache, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, shaking with chills, nausea, and/or other symptoms consistent with COVID-19

    • If they are experiencing these symptoms in the morning due to an illness, please keep your child at home. 

  • If your child has a condition that may cause these symptoms (For example: cough, runny nose, shortness of breath), like allergies or asthma, the school and teacher should be notified. 


Masking and Face Shields for Faculty, Students, and Visitors

  • Teachers and Students at Martin Luther will not be required to wear a mask or a face shield. 

    • At this point in time, mask usage in the classroom, whether by teachers and students, will be a personal or family decision.

    • Situations may arise where masks are temporarily used for the safety and welfare of all of our students, staff, and faculty.

  • Visitor entry will be limited and ‘normal’ volunteer use will be minimal. 

  • All parents, volunteers, and visitors must wear a mask or face shield during their visit (not provided by the school).


Arrival Times & Locations

  • K-8 families may begin arriving by 7:30 a.m.

  • PreK families may begin arriving by 7:50 a.m.

  • Families will be assigned a morning drop-off location.

    • Main School Entrance

    • East School Entrance


Arrival Procedures

  • Each morning, each student and teacher will have their temperature checked. If their temperature is scanned at or above 100.4, they will wait in a designated area until they get rechecked 5 minutes later. If they register a high temperature a second time, the parent will be called and must come and pick up the child. As a reminder, it is shrewd to check your child’s temperature prior to leaving for school each morning. 

  • Students that are sent home due to a fever alone may only return to school once they are fever-free without medication for 24 hours.  

  • Students that have a fever and exhibit other symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) may not return to school for 72 hours after symptoms and fever have disappeared. 

  • After getting their temperature checked, students proceed directly to their classrooms, keeping distance from other students as much as possible. 

  • If your family arrives at school after 7:50, students must enter through the main school entrance

  • When entering the classroom, students will follow the teachers’ morning procedures.  



  • Any students who ride the bus to school must follow all guidelines set forth by the bus company.


Parents/Guardians, Volunteers, and Visitors in School

  • For the safety of all in the school, we will limit visitor entry. 

  • All visitors should practice physical distancing when possible.

  • All visitors will need to have their temperature taken in the School Office.  

  • Individuals may not enter the building if they have recently been sick or are experiencing symptoms of sickness. 

  • Our school will need volunteers throughout the school year in the following areas: 

    • General cleaning in high foot traffic areas

    • Other service opportunities may arise


Classroom Instruction

  • Students will remain in homeroom classrooms the majority of time to lower the risk of exposure, but we cannot guarantee six feet of physical distance between desks. 

  • Teachers will teach and remind students regularly of best hygiene practices in a Christian loving manner so as not to instill fear or anxiety. 

  • Teachers will build into their schedules frequent opportunities throughout the day for students to wash their hands and clean surfaces. 

  • Teachers will follow best practices and keep student safety in mind as they set their desk arrangements. 

  • The teacher will remain in the front of the classroom for the majority of their instruction (at least 6 feet away from the students). 



  • Students in grades 3-8 will have assigned Chromebooks.

  • Classroom teachers will collect cell phones at the beginning of each day



  • Students at Martin Luther will eat lunch in their classrooms. 

  • There will be no microwaves or refrigerators available.

  • Absolutely no sharing of food between students at lunch or at snack time will be allowed. 

  • At this time, we will not be offering hot lunch.


Water Bottles and Snacks

  • Students should bring a water bottle to school. Consider purchasing water bottles that can be capped or the drinking spout can be hidden. 

  • Hallway bubblers (drinking fountains) will not be used by students to drink from, but they may fill up their water bottles from the bottle fill-up stations. 

  • Students may bring snacks each day but they may not be shared with other students. 

  • Birthday treats must be individually wrapped and factory sealed.



  • Recess is important for a child’s physical, social, and emotional well-being. Outdoor recess has always been encouraged and will continue to be encouraged. 

  • Recess times and locations will be staggered so that classroom units do not cross over.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer or wash hands prior to going to recess and upon return to the building. 



  • In order to minimize contact within the building, all restroom facilities will be utilized and classrooms will be assigned to a particular restroom.

  • Whenever possible, hand-washing after recess or before lunch will be done inside the classroom rather than in the restrooms. 

  • Outer restroom doors will be propped open where it is possible.

  • Bathroom breaks, apart from recesses, may be scheduled into the day to avoid congestion.

  • Reminders of good hygiene will be reviewed in the classroom and posted regularly in the restrooms and throughout the school. 



  • Choir and Choir Chimes - Students will not have these during the 1st semester of the school year. A decision regarding Choir and Choir Chimes for the second semester will be made prior to Christmas Break. 

  • Piano Lessons - We plan to host piano lessons at Martin Luther this school year. Piano teachers will be wearing face coverings during their lessons and will sanitize the piano and bench prior to the next student’s arrival. 

  • Band - The FVLS and WLA  Middle School Band Programs will communicate their safety plans to the schools and the participants in the coming weeks. Martin Luther will ensure this plan fits into our overall safety expectations. 


Physical Education

  • When possible, P.E. classes will take place outside. 

  • Physical distancing will be followed as students move in and out of the locker rooms. 

  • P.E. equipment will be sanitized regularly. 

  • Classrooms will avoid intermingling with other classrooms during Phy. Ed. when they have to be indoors to minimize the risk of exposure.


Field Trips

  • Off-campus field trips will not be allowed. Instead, teachers are encouraged to utilize virtual field trips to provide enhanced learning experiences. 



  • Weekly chapel services will be held each Wednesday morning. 

  • Individual Classrooms will be physically distanced within the church sanctuary.


School Dismissal

  • Students shall use hand sanitizer or wash hands before leaving the classroom and be dismissed at staggered times with assigned exit doors.  

    • Classrooms will be assigned pick-up locations on the south side of the parking lot.

      • More details will be shared later in August.



After-School Care

  • At this time a decision has been made to not offer After School Care for students as we re-open in late August. We do not feel that we can offer a program that ensures the safety and well being of the students or those that staff this program. 

  • This decision will be reviewed throughout the fall and Lord willing at some point in time during the year we will be able to offer this service again. 


Extracurriculars and School Activities

  • The Fox Valley WELS Athletic League will be making decisions for all sports during the 2020-21 school year. Mr. Arndt will be communicating those decisions with the appropriate families. 

  • All decisions regarding non-athletic after-school activities (Math Bowl, Forensics, Musicals, etc.) will be considered individually and communicated when necessary. 

  • All decisions regarding activities that may occur during the school day (Grandparents’ Day, Holiday festivities, etc.) will be considered individually and communicated when necessary. 


Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

  • Daily cleaning of the hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, locker rooms, and high-touch areas (door handles, light switches, bathroom faucets, etc.) will take place using approved cleaners that kill the virus. Throughout the day, high-touch areas will be disinfected by custodial staff, teachers, students, and volunteers. 

  • Martin Luther will be using CDC approved cleaners and the students may assist the teachers and custodians in the cleaning of their own workspaces. 

  • Although it will be rare, if a classroom is used the night before for a meeting/activity, the desks will be cleaned prior to students arrival. 


Onsite symptoms of Sickness While at School

  • If a student displays symptoms of sickness during the school day (fever, new cough, unable to participate in normal classroom activity, lethargy, any additional symptoms related to COVID-19) he/she will be given a mask and directed to a designated area.

  • Parents/guardians will be notified and should pick up their child promptly. Utilize a local or online COVID-19 screening protocol to determine whether or not your child needs to be tested. 

  • Following student pickup, the sick room will be sanitized. 

  • If a child is tested and tests negative for COVID-19, she/he may return to school as long as no fever is present. 

  • A child who tests positive for COVID-19, along with any of their siblings, will need to remain at home for YET TO BE DETERMINED time. The amount of time will be determined in consultation with the Winnebago County Health Department. 

  • A staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will need to remain at home for YET TO BE DETERMINED time. The amount of time will be determined in consultation with the Winnebago County Health Department. 

  • If any school family has a household family member that tests positive for COVID-19, they must notify the school. 




  • During this pandemic, health agencies and government authorities strongly suggest that you limit your travel. 

  • If you must travel, please take all necessary precautions to keep your family safe. If your family decides to travel and that travel puts you at greater risk of contracting the virus, Martin Luther reserves the right to ask your child to remain at home for a designated period of time. 


Overview of Virtual Learning Model

  • If Martin Luther is required to shut down classrooms, or the entire school, distance learning will replace classroom learning on the following platforms: PK-2nd grade - SeeSaw; 3-8th grade - Google Classroom. At that time, teachers will provide further details, including (but not limited to) required school hours, homework pick-up/drop-off, and grading.



Our goal is multi-faceted. First and foremost, we want to provide school families and the faculty with a safe learning environment on campus. Simultaneously, we want to provide school families and students with a practical and reasonable learning experience. These guidelines will continually be reviewed in light of new research and emerging developments. At any time they may be modified to meet the needs of our school.


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