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As we begin the 2012 show schedule, we're adding some NEW items!

Invisifil 100 weight polyester thread great for stitching in a ditch, piecing, quilting, seaming and more!Clare has been raving about the Invisifil thread, by Wonderfil, at her shows she's been hearing from all of you wanting it and not being able to locate a local store. So She's adding it to all of her shows and also quiltingso you too can enjoy

  • Changing bobbins 70% less often than with Cotton Qulting Thread.
  • Practically invisible Stitching In A Ditch stitches.
  • Strong un-breakable seams.
  • Incredible Couture stitching.
  • A thread approved for the 65/9 needle in place of silk (natural fibers decay)
  • Stronger and longer lasting than Cotton Quilting Thread (natural fibers decay)

You can purchase it 2 ways, in Mini King Spools or Mini-Packs.
Infisifil 100 weight polyester mini king spools available Infisifil 100 weight polyester thread
Once you see how fine this thread is you'll know why it's been a favorite of Clare's for Stitching in a ditch, stippling, pin-tucks, top stitching, edge stitching for years! She's so impressed by the tiny stitch you get using it for satinedging using the falseedge Foot on scarfs that she will be producing a video on it. You will be amazed at how thin - yet strong this thread is! It's 100wt polyester thread with a stretchy quality so you don't have to worry about the fabric breaking the thread.

The fabric breaking the thread? You may be wondering because there has been a interuptedr that polyester thread cuts cotton fabric. Actually, the fabric is engineered/woven with a bias and it stretches, moving away from the thread fibers and the only thing that happens is the fabric stretches and breaks your stitches.
Melting temp 500 degrees, fabric burning temp (cotton) 250 degrees
*More colors will be added within the next 24 hours.

ecstaticops Free Motion embroidery and Quilting with your sewing machine

We keep hearing more and more of your success stories and thought we'd share.....

At a show last year, Clare had a woman sit down next to her and she kept bouncing up and down in her seat. Clare looked to her and she asked with an excited expression. "Can I say something?". Clare said. "Of Course, please do."
She responded by saying. "I'm not sure if you remember me, I came to your booth after attempting to take a class on free-motion stippling and had just left that class in tears and frustration because my needles kept breaking. I thought it just was something I'd never be able to do. As I was walking by your booth you were demonstrating the Octi-Hoops and I took a chance after watching you and bought them. That night I completed my class project and it turned out great!" 
Clare said. "I'm so happy to hear that." 
She was quickly interupted by her again saying. "That's not all, the next day a gentleman friend of mine asked if I'd like to quilt his quilt, so my second project was a paying gig!" 


Clare had another woman in her early ninety's say. "I signed my name on the quilt and it was my young-girl signature!"


A call came in Friday from an educator and she was estatic about how the Octi-Hoops work, and we'll be adding her to our list of educators teaching with our products soon! You'll find them in our Links section.
This one was left on our Testimonials Page (Feel free to leave one of your own, we love hearing from you!)

I can write my name!

I just tried the Octi-hoops I purchased 3 days ago at the Sew Expo in T Shirtsp, WA. Clair said to just write and I did and it's an almost perfect signature. I tried it a 2nd time and this time forgot to "write" and was watching the needle/fabric and instantly felt the difference. It was almost like being dizzy. Immediately started "writing" again and, voila!, readable name.

Clare's friends purchased 2 Tshirts at the local arena and Teri, the woman filmed learning how to make polar fleece blankets video wanted a little color to make them stand out. Clare was going to color with Teri and then thought, how about embroidering in the letters and making them the best fans in the stadium! This is what came out of it. Clare filmed a bit of it, showing how to use the Fabric Cover stabilizer and will be adding it to her YouTube Channel soon. You can also view it on the Octi-Hoops page.

octi-hoops and fabric cover embroidery topper make free motion embroidery for sports garments a snap for anyone with a sewing machine
You can see through the Fabric Cover and secure using a cross-hatched set of stitches, then tear away after filling in. Clare used a zigzag stitch for this monogram style of Free-Motion Embroidery. She recommends waiting for the instructional video before attempting on your own shirt. Or practice on a plain shirt you don't care about first. 
Add embroidery to your sports jersey free using the Octi-Hoops and Fabric Cover embroidery stabilizer and the SIA or Stick and Tear embroidery stabilizer found at
Once you remove the Fabric Cover, and outline stitch done using your sewing machine straight stitch finishes off your embroidery and it's hard to tell it wasn't sewn using an embroidery machine.... Think of all the fun you can have with the Octi-Hoops and Embroidery!
Can be used the the HOOP-IT-ALL Embroidery hoops too!

If that isn't enough.... Quilting blocks is a breeze with the Octi-Hoops as shown in this photo of Clare's most recent quilting... her first block.
Free Motion quilting with Octi-Hoops frames is simple and easy on the hands. You'll feel like you're writing not quilting and you're handwriting is so good! No holding quilt! No Puckers EVER! No pain! No breaking needles!

Clare purchased the Chalk Thumper at a recent show, tried it for this and found it to not be a viable choice. While she loves their product for the old method of quilting, it's too easy to wipe chalk away and also the line is too wide. Clare's choice for design transfer = Tape design to your sliding glass door or large window. During daylight hours or with a strong light outside, tape fabric over design and trace using Wash Away marker. This line is smaller - easier to see while quilting and you won't feel rushed to complete the project or scared that it may get wiped off.

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Notes from Clare Rowley Image

Dear Valued Customer, 

Clare Rowley Inventor of Creative Feet and Octi-Hoops, educator and author on sewing - embroidery and quilting asks you to tell if you want her to teach on their site.
If you'd like me to teach a class on, please let them know in their facebook page  or email them and tell them in their contact page because they are asking for your opinion of whom you'd like to see teach on their growing site.  Remember they asked you, the student, who you'd like to see teach a class on the site and I'm asking you, what would you like me to teach? Since my options are vast, it is tough for me to determine what you'd like to learn and as always, I'm trying to please all of you. :) Not sure they REALLY want YOUR INPUT? You can read their latest newsletter here and see that they do, in-fact want to hear from you. :)

Unsure what CRAFTSY.COM is? It's a site that offers classes that never expire! Classes on topics such as, quilting, sewing, embroidery, jewelry making, cake decorating and more. It also offers some really fun opportunities for you to enjoy like posting your own classes or projects.... Interesting isn't it? You can attend these classes at home in your jammies!

I learned about Craftsy a few months ago and started receiving a lot more orders for our Pearls N Piping foot because of one special instructor Carol Ann Waugh, when you see her class offering called Stupendous Stitching you'll know why I am so impressed with her. offers Stupendous Stitching class taught by Carol Ann Waugh using Creative Feet Pearls N Piping Foot

I am about to depart from the office for 5 weeks traveling to shows listed below - and once finished, I'll be completing the editing of the How to Paint your Sewing machine DVD. I've determined there is too many hours of footage to incorporate more than sewing machines. I will also release a video on how to paint your guitar, it's fun but a different technique and deserving of its own DVD. I'll let you know as soon as the DVD's are set to release.
I look so forward to seeing you all in 2012 at the shows I've been so blessed to attend and look forward to seeing all of you again. At some shows I need help in my booth and thanks to you, I'll be employed by people that love and use the Creative Feet products. 
Some of you know that I have recently been diagnosed with 10 food allergies and apparently some of you are worried about my health. I want you to know that knowing what had been making me feel ill and tired has changed my life and added vigor that I'd thought lost forever! Not eating things I shouldn',t has transformed my life and I am healthier than I've been my entire life. Thank you for your concern - In case you are wanting to bring me food or drinks at the shows - please know that I appreciate the gesture but it is unlikely I can eat anything unless packaged by God and please no strawberries, lemons, or tomatoes in that mix ;) Perhaps just a visit from your bright shining face is all the gesture I need. I promise to have plenty of food and beverage on-hand, so you can know I'm taken care of..... I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Upcoming Shows/Events


Rocky Mountain Quilt and Sewing Festival

Original Sewing and Quilt Expo
February 23, 24, 25 2012

The Lakeland Center
Lakeland, FL

  • Creative Feet
  • Octi-Hoops

Sewing & Stitchery Expo

March 1, 2, 3 & 4th 2012

Puyallup Fair & Events Center 
110-9th Avenue SW Puyallup, WA 98371

  • Creative Feet
  • Octi-Hoops

For more information:


Original Sewing and Quilt Expo

March 8, 9, & 10

Gwinnett Center Atlanta, GA 

  • Creative Feet
  • Octi-Hoops

For more information:

Original Sewing and Quilt Expo

March 22, 23 & 24, 2012
Schaumburg Convention Center
  • Creative Feet
  • Octi-Hoops

For more information:


Till next Newsletter,

Wishing you and your families an inspired 2010~
Clare Rowley
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