Includes updates regarding the end of bridge funding, the 20/21 May Revise Budget and Minimum Wage Adjustments
Lanterman Service Provider General Updates
To: All Service Providers
From: Karen Ingram, Director, Community Services
Re: General Updates
2.1% Bridge Funding Ends 5/1/20
A reminder that the 2.1% bridge funding rate adjustment approved by the Legislature for 5/1/19 – 4/30/20 ends this Thursday. The temporary increase was given to the following service codes: 505, 510, 515, 520, 525, 805, 862, 905, 910, 915 and 920. Effective May 1, 2020, rates for these services will revert to what they were on April 30, 2019 plus any applicable rate adjustments made since then (i.e., minimum wage). 
20/21 May Revise Budget
In a typical California budget season, the Governor releases the proposed Budget in January, the Assembly and Senate Budget committees hold hearings, lawmakers and advocates attempt to influence Budget items, and the Governor releases a revised Budget around May 10, and additional Budget committee hearings are held. The Legislature must approve the Budget in June in order to be paid.
This has not been a typical budget season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting State of Emergency. While the Governor is still expected to release his revised 20/21 Budget on/around May 10, word has already been shared that the Budget will be a ‘workload’ Budget with no new funding requests or Budget ideas being accepted. The Governor has said that in addition to essential services, the emphasis must be on funding 1) wildfire prevention, 2) COVID-19 costs, and 3) the homeless crisis. This year the Legislature will revisit the Budget in August, once revenue projections are in from delayed tax filings.
AB 2024 (Holden) – Minimum Wage Adjustments
At their February 26, 2020 meeting, the Lanterman Regional Center Board of Directors voted unanimously to Support AB 2024, which provides a mechanism for regional centers to adjust rates when the local minimum wage is higher than the state minimum wage. A letter of support was sent to AB 2024’s author, Assemblymember Chris Holden, Pasadena, thanking him for his leadership in supporting our system’s service providers. It is unlikely that AB 2024 will move forward this year due to the budget situation.
Again, many thanks to each of you for providing services and supports to Lanterman Regional Center clients, especially during this State of Emergency.

Most Sincerely,

Karen Ingram, MA
Director of Community Services
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