We are providing some updates on previous DDS Directives, as well as some new information.
Lanterman Service Provider Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
To: All Service Providers
From: Karen Ingram, Director, Community Services
Re: COVID-19 Updates
First, a big thank you to everyone for your creative and tireless efforts to support regional center clients and their families in their homes, and for those clients still working, at their place of employment. An extra special thanks to the residential and supported living staff that continues to support and care for the few Lanterman individuals who have a known exposure or have tested positive for the virus. Your commitment is truly appreciated.
As we begin week 5 of ‘stay home’, here are some updates on previous DDS Directives, as well as some new information.
The following updates are from previously implemented DDS Directives:
  1. Billing for Absences. Non-residential service providers billed for March absences and can bill for April absences, as well. Please be reminded that you must maintain documentation of COVID-19 related absences for future audits.
  2. Early Start Remote Services. Ninety (90) Early Start providers have approved teletherapy plans to provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and ABA. If you have a creative program idea you would like to share with others, please send a brief article and picture(s) to kingram@lanterman.org.
  3. Supplemental Funding for Residential Providers. Residential providers received a simple form to request payment for supplemental staffing to cover the 30 hours/week that residents are now at home, effective 3/16/20. We anticipate having the approved rates set up in the system and ready for billing by 4/30/20. If you haven’t turned your form in, please do so today. Download the additional hours compensation form
  4. Alternative Site/Remote Day Services.  One hundred fifty-nine (159) non-residential providers have approved remote services plans to provide day services, independent living services, ABA, community integration, individual training, socialization/social skills training and after-school programs. If you have a creative program idea you would like to share with others, please send a brief article and picture(s) to kingram@lanterman.org
The following information is from DDS Directives issued since March 20, 2020:
  1. Placement in licensed homes. DDS must approve any placement into a licensed CCF or ICF, including an individual returning to the home from the hospital.
  2. Participant-Directed Services. DDS has expanded participant-directed services to personal assistance, independent living skills and supported employment. If your staff cannot or will not provide in-person services in these categories and the client is requesting or requires in-person assistance, please inform the service coordinator so participant-directed services can be offered to the client for the duration of the State of Emergency.
Other information you may want to know:
  • The DDS and Lanterman Web sites have links to lots of COVID-19 information, including but not limited to:
    • how to properly sanitize
    • how to properly use PPE
    • when to wear a face covering vs an N95 mask
    • how to discuss COVID-19 with your clients
  • Community Care Licensing has waived some of their requirements to help providers use staff in other programs and to hire new staff. Go to cdss.ca.gov for more information.
  • The Lanterman Web site has links to food pantries and other community resources.
  • And follow the Lanterman Facebook page which routinely posts new resources.
Many Lanterman clients and their families are struggling to put food on the table during this crisis. Last week an appeal went out to our Lanterman community to help meet this need.  In three days over $7,000 was raised and 10 families have already received grocery store gift cards. To those of you who have sent gifts – THANK YOU. If you would like to make a gift, please go to lanterman.org and click on ‘donate’. Please share this appeal with others as you see fit.
Again, many thanks to each of you for continuing to provide services and supports to Lanterman Regional Center clients during this State of Emergency.
To you, your staff and your families – be safe, stay healthy and wash your hands.

Most Sincerely,

Karen Ingram, MA
Director of Community Services
Download a PDF of the letter
Information and Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To everyone, please beware of misinformation which may be shared, and be sure to turn to reliable and official sources of information.

Following are links to local, state and federal resources you should visit for reliable information about Coronavirus (COVID-19):

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