Update includes info on COVID-19 SIRs, budget cuts, return to in-person services, and adult day services, plus EPG available for IHSS providers.
Lanterman Service Provider Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
To: All Service Providers
From: Karen Ingram, Director, Community Services
Re: COVID-19/SOE Related Updates
COVID-19 Related SIRs
Regional centers must submit Special Incident Reports (SIRs) daily to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) regarding the number of clients who have 1) been exposed to COVID-19, 2) tested positive or negative for the virus, and 3) passed away from the virus. Centers must also report the number of provider and regional center staff in these same categories. All providers are asked to contact the client’s service coordinator to report incidents involving clients or your staff as soon as possible. 
If you have a staff member who needs to quarantine or isolate, please ask if they work for another agency that should be notified, and let the service coordinator know. We know that many people work multiple jobs and it is essential in fighting the spread of this virus that everyone does their part to limit the number of exposed people who come into contact with our clients, especially those with underlying health conditions and/or over the age of 65. Remember, when we learn something, share the information.
20/21 Budget Cuts
Governor Newsom released his revised 20/21 budget on May 15. It contains $300 million in cuts from Purchase of Services (POS) and $30 million in cuts for Regional Center Operations (OPS). Uniform Holiday Closures are back as one means of saving money.  Budget hearings are taking place to discuss the proposed budget and DDS is releasing preliminary Budget Trailer Bill Language, which details how the POS and OPS cuts will be made. The next provider e-bulletin will focus on the budget. 
Returning to In-Person Services
Providers are calling and e-mailing asking when the Regional Center is going to let them go back to providing in-person services. This is a reminder that there was never a directive ordering in-person services to stop. The directive from the Department said that the requirement for in-person services was waived and families could choose to receive teletherapy or remote services. 
Lanterman asked that providers wanting to provide teletherapy or remote services submit a plan describing how those services would be provided. Almost 300 providers submitted plans to provide services in person, remotely or a combination of the two. Families were given the option to receive services in the manner in which they were most comfortable.
Providers are advised to review state, county and city State of Emergency (SOE) requirements and recommendations with regards to opening businesses. You should also check with public health offices, the Centers for Disease Control and your insurance companies, and follow their requirements, guidelines and recommendations.
Providers wanting to reopen clinics or provide in-person services should be prepared to tell families what precautions are being taken to comply with public health standards for maintaining social distancing, wearing face coverings, cleaning commonly touched areas, etc. The family will decide what works best for them in terms of where and how the service is provided. The Regional Center will support the family’s choice.
Adult Day Services
We will begin holding a series of round table discussions for adult day service providers in the next few weeks. Between the SOE and impending budget cuts, it is clear that the manner in which day services are provided for adults must change. The old six hours a day, five days a week program model won’t work anymore. The exciting news is that so many providers have found innovative and creative ways to connect with individuals and meet their needs thru remote services. The purpose of the round tables is to connect providers to exchange ideas, reimagine day services, and help individuals grow and access their communities in new ways. Watch your e-mail for the schedule.
Again, many thanks to each of you for providing services and supports to Lanterman Regional Center clients, especially during this State of Emergency.

Most Sincerely,

Karen Ingram, MA
Director of Community Services
Essential Protective Gear for IHSS Providers
The California Department of Social Services issued a May 19, 2020 All County Letter No. 20-57 regarding Essential Protective Gear (EPG) for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Providers Due to COVID-19

The purpose of this All County Letter (ACL) is to inform counties that the Essential Protective Gear, previously referred to as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), that was provided to Public Authority (PA) offices in each county can now be distributed to any IHSS provider who requests it. Please note, this ACL supersedes the guidance provided in ACL No. 20-41, dated April 17, 2020.
Download the Letter for More Details
Information and Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To everyone, please beware of misinformation which may be shared, and be sure to turn to reliable and official sources of information.

Following are links to local, state and federal resources you should visit for reliable information about Coronavirus (COVID-19):

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