Includes Info on End of Bridge Funding, HCBS Self-Assessments, Residential Supplemental Staffing & May 7 DDS Non-Residential Billing Absences Guidance
Lanterman Service Provider General Updates
To: All Service Providers
From: Karen Ingram, Director, Community Services
Re: General Updates
2.1% Bridge Funding Ended 04/30/20
The temporary 2.1% increase given to service codes 505, 510, 515, 520, 525, 805, 862, 905, 910, 915 and 920 on May 1, 2019 ended on April 30, 2020. Providers with these service codes will see a change in rates on the May invoice. 
HCBS Self-Assessments
Two hundred and two (202) residential and day program providers need to complete the HCBS self-assessment. To date, 41% have been completed, 15% are in process, and 44% have not been started. The self-assessment will indicate where programs are in terms of meeting the HCBS settings rules, and 100% compliance is not the expectation at this time. Self-assessments are due June 30, 2020. If you need assistance accessing or completing your self-assessment tool, please contact Sonia Garibay, QA Manager, at or 213.252.4904. Providers that do not complete a self-assessment will receive an in-person assessment from the DDS contractor for this project.
Residential Supplemental Staffing
It has taken longer than anticipated to process the supplemental hours for residential providers who must have staff in the home 24/7 due to the ‘stay-home’ order, but we are almost finished. Rates have been calculated and authorizations are being set up. If you have questions regarding how to complete your invoice for these hours, please contact your Accounting Associate.
May 7 DDS Guidance re: Non-Residential Billing for Absences
On May 7, DDS issued “Additional Guidance on Payments for Non-Residential Services During the State of Emergency,” in which providers are advised to document the reasons for billing for absences. Essentially DDS is reminding providers to document the reason that a service was not provided, and why you’re billing for the absence (family cancelled, no staff available, etc.). This is part of your routine recordkeeping or documentation of services.
Beginning in May, DDS wants providers to apply for State or Federal emergency funds (i.e. Paycheck Protection Program) and use these funds first for payroll purposes before billing for absences.
DDS also states the expectation that providers receiving retainer payments due to COVID-19 continue to deliver services to individuals, including but not limited to:
  • Virtually connecting individuals with family and friends, even daily;
  • Delivering activities for individuals to participate in at home;
  • Delivering food or needed supplies to individuals;
  • Coordinating individual and/or group remote connections; and
  • Supporting necessary activities away from the home (i.e. grocery shopping) while practicing appropriate physical distancing.
The full document is posted on the DDS Web site or click here to read it directly. If you would like to participate in a meeting to discuss this further, please send an e-mail to asking to be placed on the invitation list.

Again, many thanks to each of you for providing services and supports to Lanterman Regional Center clients, especially during this State of Emergency.

Most Sincerely,

Karen Ingram, MA
Director of Community Services
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