We’re closer than ever to opening preorders for the ADV1

We’re so excited to share that we've solved one of the last hurdles in bringing the Pasq ADV1 to you. After listening to your feedback and rethinking nearly everything, we’ve developed a new hinge design that provides amazing stability for the ADV1 at speed.

Changing the ADV market

We had someone comment on one of your YouTube videos that the ADV1 was "complicated." I replied that another way to phrase it is that the ADV1 is "sophisticated." It's a little like comparing the 1964 327 small-block Chevy Impala I had in high school to a Tesla Model S or even a Toyota Camry. The Chevy was a hell of a car, but it isn't even in the same league of function and refinement. We could have made a simple trailer, but our goal was to make the absolute best, most sophisticated trailer possible for the ADV market. And that's what we're doing! No corners cut. The best technology available. More options, so you can explore more.


See the hinge (and more) at the BMW MOA Rally

June 16th-18th, 2022 in Springfield, MO

At last year’s BMW MOA Rally, we introduced Pasq’s first trailer prototype. With the 2022 Rally starting tomorrow, we’re looking forward to bringing the newest ADV1 to you!

Stop by the Pasq booth for a chance to see the ADV1 (and new hinge), pick up some Pasq gear, and get the latest info on upcoming events, pre-sales, and more.

Not registered yet? There’s still time!

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Videos from Overland Expo West

Missed Overland Expo this year? Check out some video highlights below!

Big thanks to Greg Paul and Notier’s Frontiers for featuring the ADV1 in their Overland Expo West roundups.

Catch the highlights:

Photos of two off-road vehicles on dirt paths: one Army green truck with a covered bed, and one bright orange Jeep. The text reads "2022 Overland Expo! Best of the Best!" End ID
A man and a woman on a motorcycle. The woman looks back at the camera as they drive through a sunny campground with pine trees behind them. End ID.

See you on the road,

The Pasq Team