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Letter from the President

As are many of you, I’m still thinking about the happenings at Engredea. One of my more interesting experiences was being interviewed by Bryce Wylde, who is forming his nutrigenomics line. In his Toronto, Canada practice, Bryce is helping his patients to discover their genetic makeup and recommending supplements to proactively sidestep potential health issues.

Bryce recently began sourcing ingredients to create personalized supplements for his patients. He is interested in MegaNatural®-BP for blood pressure maintenance, which is of utmost importance in heart health.

Bryce Wylde interviewing James Kennedy, President, Polyphenolics while at Engredea 2017. Steve Kupina, Director of Quality and Technology and Gregory Arabatzis, Director of Global Sales can be seen behind Jim.

During the interview, I learned about the value of individual health optimization. The emergence of analytics in our world has enabled us to monitor our genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and our microbiome. This “omics” approach to medicine will revolutionize our industry as preventive medicine becomes the dominant health treatment.

Health will increasingly become an individual journey. In particular, the heart health market will evolve over the next 5-10 years. The most beneficial dietary supplements will become more evident as we learn more about the role of diet and exercise for our general well-being, as well as the underlying science that explains mechanistically why specific diets and exercise are beneficial.

The true evolution will occur when we realize that plants and animals are individuals. For plants, individuality translates into variations in the concentration of compounds that have nutritional value. For humans, there will be an increasing recognition that we all have individual susceptibilities to disease and preferences regarding behavior.

One day, our individually developed “health manuals” will have specific dietary recommendations that can be met with supplements that are individually formulated with your health in mind.

Polyphenolics is contributing to this future by remaining laser-focused on refining our understanding of our ingredients from farm to finish, and the mechanisms by which they provide benefits.

James A. Kennedy, Ph.D.
President, Polyphenolics


International Distributor Opportunities

Polyphenolics is now seeking additional international distributors for worldwide distribution opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an International Distributor for Polyphenolics, please contact us now.

New MegaNatural® Logos

Are you updating your packaging soon? Polyphenolics has developed new MegaNatural® logos for all of your marketing needs.

Once your current product inventory runs low, contact Debra Cerda, Marketing Specialist, Polyphenolics at debra.cerda@cbrands.com or (559) 661-5544. 

  • Please specify the exact logo files you wish to receive (see list of available logo files on the last page of our Logo Standard Guide).

  • See Label Guidelines Section of the Standard Guide for helpful instructions.

  • Send label mockup to Steve Kupina, Director of Quality and Technology at steve.kupina@cbrands.com for final approval.

  • Go to print!

Please look through the Logo Standard Guide for more helpful information, such as color breakouts and language to use on packaging. 


April is Stress Awareness Month 

There’s a clear link between long-term, chronic stress and increased risk of serious health conditions including high blood pressure. We’ve all experienced the effects of temporary stress: Hormones surge, causing the heart to beat faster and blood vessels to constrict. Things return to normal when the situation resolves. But with constant, chronic stress, our bodies may stay in high gear for extended periods of time. According to the CDC, uncontrolled high blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke.

MegaNatural®-BP supports blood pressure within the normal range. No other grape seed extract can say the same, since MegaNatural®BP has a unique structure and composition. We’ll focus more on these benefits and our research in our April communication.

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Media Coverage

  • 3/8/17 – “Ingredients for Heart Health“ was published in Natural Products Insider. MegaNatural®-BP’s blood pressure maintenance research results were explained. Read the article here.
  • 3/15/17 – Food Technology Magazine published “Ingredients for Active Lifestyles” mentioning health benefits of MegaNatural®-BP and Gold based on our white paper. Click here to read the article.


Which ingredients are prevalent in the heart health market?

Lycopene, cocoa flavanols and MegaNatural®-BP grape seed extract are commonly recognized heart-health ingredients of growing interest: lycopene for its antioxidant activities and cocoa flavanols for promoting healthy blood flow. MegaNatural®-BP, like lycopene, is a powerful antioxidant. And similar to cocoa flavanols, it performs by helping to maintain healthy nitric oxide levels.

Grape seed extracts in general are a favorite ingredient in formulations promoting good health internally and topically, but only one grape seed extract has been clinically shown to support healthy hearts. MegaNatural®-BP is a unique form of grape seed extract that has been clinically shown to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels within the normal range. MegaNatural®-BP is an antioxidant that helps support endothelial function by maintaining healthy nitric oxide levels that are within the normal range. This helps support healthy vasodilation and blood flow.

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