Issue 26: March 2015

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Featured Mother Bear: Margie Wasserman

When you join a gym, you expect to be doing moves over and over again to build muscle and endurance. Thanks to one of her gym buddies, Margie Wasserman is doing a lot more reps than she originally planned—with knitting needles rather than dumbbells. 

“I first learned about the Mother Bear Project by reading about it in the newspaper,” Margie says. “I later ran into a woman at the health club whose daughter is Amy [Berman], the woman in charge of the entire project.”

Her results are impressive: She’s made 841 bears since meeting Amy’s mom at the gym in 2009, earning her 100th bear pin in 2010.

Margie first started to knit in high school in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she grew up. Now a longtime resident of the Minneapolis area, she spent 30 years as a social worker for Hennepin County, Minnesota, working with adolescent parents. 

Today, she puts her time and energy into Mother Bear Project, which she calls her passion.

“I decided to participate in this wonderful project because I get to help children who are affected by AIDS, which is a cause that deeply touches my heart,” Margie says. “I also get to knit. ... Finally, I get to be with women who feel the same way I do about helping these wonderful children.”

When she’s not knitting, Margie goes to Mother Bear Project’s monthly heart-sewing meetings at Turtle Bread, a Minneapolis restaurant. There, she joins 15 to 25 volunteers in attaching hearts to 300 to 400 bears during the two-hour meeting and tacking on the occasional loose scarf in the process. She typically brings more than 20 bears to each monthly meeting.

“I hope to continue to do this mitzvah—good deed—for as long as I am able,” she says. “Hopefully, I will get to my 1,000th bear in the near future!”

Recent Bear Sightings

Notes from the Den

Dear Friends,

What fun it was to go to Stitches West this year and meet so many Mother Bear knitters and crocheters!  So many bear makers stopped by our booth to turn in their cute bears—and I was able to see the wonderful people who give their time and love for kids half a world away.  We had many volunteers at the booth helping out and sewing hearts on the bears that were dropped off so they could be proudly displayed for the weekend.  Many people stopped by to check us out and soon will be sending Mother Bears of their own. What a festive booth we had!

Thank you for all who took the time to volunteer—it was very much appreciated and it was nice to have some time to get to know each other.  I have always believed Mother Bear makers have the biggest hearts in the world, and meeting so many in person has me convinced.

Please keep making the bears.  While we have now sent over 108,000 bears—a huge accomplishment—we sadly could use another 17 million.  Thank you for each and every bear as they mean the world to the kids who hold them close.


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