Issue 25: December 2014

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Mother Bear Project reaches the 100,000 bear milestone

Our 100,000th bear, made by Hazel, a knitter who has inspired us over the years, has found a home in Botswana!

This bear, made to look like Aretha Franklin at President Obama’s inauguration, was chosen because Hazel celebrated her 100th birthday as Mother Bear Project was celebrating our 100,000 bear milestone.

Mother Bear Project will have a booth at Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA from February 19-22, 2015.   Please stop by to say hello and you can drop off up to 3 bears at our booth!

Thank You Letter from a Peace Corps Volunteer

In my small village in rural Kenya, it's not the elderly that are the forgotten people, it is the children. Especially the children who don't have the privilege to attend school and spend their days playing in the village outside my compound. When I arrived in the centre of my village and called the young kids by name to gather around for a gift from people in America who love them, they came giggling and shy as they had never experienced this kind of attention. As they lined up in anticipation, there were whispers and giggles and as each child chose their bear their faces lit up with happiness and joy. By the time we were finished taking photos each bear had its own village name and a story and the kids were off playing and trading and skipping around in laughter. these bears helped these kids remember that they are not forgotten, and that is truly priceless. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share your kindness and witness this love first hand.

Brittnee Vagneur
Peace Corps Volunteer, Kenya

Recent Bear Sightings

See all the photos from the trip to Botswana, Lesotho, and South Africa.

Recipe for 100,000 Mother Bears

To make 100,000 bears, 700,000 hours of knitting or crocheting is required.

You will need 18,750 pounds of yarn to make these bears.

It will take about 1 million inches of red and pink thread to sew a heart on each to let the children know that they were made with love.

100,000 tags will need to be stamped and then signed by the bear maker to attach to every bear so the children will know who made this very special gift.

Once you have these ingredients, you can send the bears. You don't have to worry about getting the temperature right, as these bears will need to be sent out every week in sub-zero temperatures to hot summer days.

These bears will then go to 26 African countries and other emerging nations where children are affected by HIV/AIDS like Haiti, the Dominican Republic and India.

These bears will need to travel approximately 9 million miles to get to their destination.

To get this many bears you will need a core group of bear makers dedicated to this effort. This would be the members of the 100 Bear Club and to help us get 100,000 bears made, we had 171 of these members.

What I can't measure is how much love goes into getting 100,000 bears made and sent on their way. I also can't measure the care and dedication of those who distribute the bears with unconditional love to so many children. I wish I could measure how lucky I feel to have crossed paths with some of the nicest people in the entire world with hearts so big—who have given their time and love to send comfort to children they will never meet, half a world away.


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