Tragedy in Haiti
The PAWS community is heartbroken by the pictures and stories coming out of Haiti. The thoughts and prayers of the entire PAWS community go out to the Haitian people and hundreds of thousands of people affected by this natural disaster. We have been actively pursuing a means in which to assist in the rescue effort and have come across two nonprofit organizations that are providing direct aid to the animal victims of the earthquake. Please consider making a donation to these worthy charities:
  • All donations made by Mon. Feb. 8th will be matched by three different organizations- so your donation will be QUADRUPLED! All the money raised will go to help with canine search and rescue teams deployed in Haiti.    

PAWS Adoption Event
Saturday Feb. 13th
Elliot, ME

Pawsitive Steps
424 Harold L Dow Hwy (Rt 236)
Eliot, ME 03903

Celebrate Valentine's Day by adopting a PAWS dog who will always be happy to see you, never nag you, and never leave you when things get tough! Please join us for our first adoption event at Pawsitive Step! Owner Becky Pelletier has graciously opened her store to us and we can't thank her enough.

If you can't adopt, but would consider fostering a dog in anticipation of the event, please email us!

Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Brittany!

Most 14 year old girls I know are busy texting, updating their facebook pages, and keeping up with the latest "he-said, she-said" drama at school. But then again, Brittany is nothing like your average 14 year old girl. Home-schooled by her mother and PAWS hero Carrie, Brittany is getting quite an education on hard work and compassion. She helps her mother manage anywhere between 8-12 fosters dogs at a time as well as taking care of the families' five personal dogs. She never complains during the less glamorous (ie: poopy pickup) activities associated with caring for homeless dogs and never stops finding creative ways to help animals in need.

Brittany recently approached us about doing short videos of the dogs in her family's care. We introduced her to a website that she could post these videos and expected a few weeks of a learning curve. A mere 24 hours after seeing this website for the first time, Brittany was a pro. She was performing advanced computer functions that had taken me weeks to learn. She began producing videos of each dog almost faster than we could post them. In the few weeks that Brittany has been helping out with the videos, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of adoption applications we have received. Her work caring for foster dogs and producing these fabulous videos is vital to our organization.

Brittany is, quite simply, a remarkable young lady whose maturity and boundless energy is inspirational to all of the volunteers at PAWS. This young girl is positioned to lead an extraordinary life where she will undoubtedly be a key leader in the nonprofit sector. 

Brittany- we would like to thank you for your incredible service, your undying commitment, and your big heart. We are honored to work with you! We would also like to thank your parents who have done an incredible job raising their two beautiful daughters...

Here are a list of just a few of Brittany's videos:
Cocoa, Ember, Wrangler, Gilda, Bella, Jacob, Brindy, Mallory, Angel, Sarafina, Jedediah

An appeal for dogs at Tipton Animal Control
that mobilized many rescues to get many of these dogs off death row.  And of course her "Be My Valentine" video

Brittany is always looking for song suggestions for her videos, so please email us if you have any!

Valentine's Day Fundraiser!
Puppy Love Grams from PAWS Dogs...
Can't think of the perfect Valentine's present for that special someone? Give the gift that any dog lover will love! Make a $5.00 donation and we will send them a personalized eCard from the PAWS pups acknowledging your donation.
To learn more, please visit this
Valentine's Day Fundraiser link.

Change Your Search Engine, Save a LIFE!

PAWS has partnered with in hopes that you will help us raise money anytime you shop on the Internet or do a search! We have raised $75.05 so far and know that we can do better if more people participate! Here is how it works:
  • Go to
  • Select "Tipton Treasures- PAWS New England" under Who Do You Goodsearch For?
  • Start searching! It's easy! They have a great toolbar, search box, and homepage option.
  • You can also click on the "Shop Now" button to ensure that a percentage of your Internet purchases (Amazon, Apple, Best Buy etc)  go to PAWS!
Are you a friend of PAWS? Link to Us!

PAWS webmaster, Jean Seok, has helped us develop a new PAWS logo that can go in email signatures and on your webpages. Help us spread the word about PAWS New England by
going to this link and adding our logo to your emails and webpages!

Some Heartwarming Endings..

Dear PAWS Supporters,

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and happy New Year. Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign in November and some incredible holiday benefits, we have been able to open our rescue back up to dogs in need. Many of you will remember that we had to temporarily stop taking in needy dogs due to financial constraints. As our way of saying thank you, we would like to share just a few stories with you about a few of the dogs we have been able to serve. We hope you enjoy watching these awe-inspiring stories of courage and compassion.

This newsletter will also begin the first installment of, "Meet a PAWS Volunteer." This month's newsletter is featuring Brittany Schmidt. Brittany is 14 years old and lives in Brighton, TN. She helps her family foster anywhere between 6-10 PAWS foster dogs and has astounded us with her ability to make beautiful videos for each of the dogs in her care. Watch Brittany's Valentine's Day video

Finally, we hope that you will participate in our Valentine's Day "Puppy Love Grams from PAWS Dogs" fundraiser. Make a small donation and receive a personalized eValentine from one of the PAWS pups! To learn more about this event, please
click on this link. Better yet, fall in love with a new PAWS pup at our adoption day event in Elliot, ME on February 13th. If you can't adopt again, but would like to foster a dog in anticipation of the event, please email us!

We hope this email finds everyone warm and getting ready for Spring!

Many thanks,
The PAWS pups and volunteers

Jessica and her puppies

Please watch
this video of Jessica's incredible story.

PAWS first became aware of a female pit bulls mix that was living outside in neglectful conditions about a year ago. One of our volunteers lived a few blocks away and watched in agony as Jessica was forced to live outside without appropriate shelter or regular food and water. Her owner threatened and screeched obscenities at any person who inquired about her well-being. About a month ago, our PAWS volunteer noticed that Jessica was pregnant. She feared that with Jessica's poor health and horrible living conditions, she would not survive delivering her puppies. Animal Control was called and, when they went to investigate, they found Jessica bleeding from a postpartum hemorrhage and the puppies had been taken from her. Animal Control worked closely with the police department to seize Jessica from the property and find the missing puppies. We are happy to report that the puppies were found and the entire family is now resting comfortably in PAWS foster care.

Jessica has finally learned how wonderful life can be. After surviving for years in winter's subfreezing temperatures and summer's unrelenting heat- Jessica has decided that dog beds are just the greatest creation. She has proven to be an excellent Mom to her seven puppies and one of the kindest and most gentle dogs we have had the pleasure of working with. We are now seeking homes for the whole family and can't wait to share their happy endings with you! Please let us know if you are interested in giving one of these little angels a home.

Campbell Thriving

So many of you were captivated by the story of Campbell- a nine year old Weimaraner who was found wandering the street and weighing only 38 pounds. It gives us tremendous pleasure to tell everyone that Campbell is up to 85 pounds and doing marvelously! Your donations helped us get Campbell the medical care he so desperately needed.

Campbell has taken this second chance at life and ran with it- literally. The strength in his back legs improves almost daily. He enjoys nothing more than snuggling up with his foster Mom, Joanne and going for long walks on the beach and in the cranberry bogs. We know everyone will enjoy his
updated video here. We are still in search of Campbell's forever home. If you know anyone who will continue to spoil this boy rotten, please have them contact us.

Scooter goes to his forever home!

We received so many emails and phone calls about Scooter, the paralyzed Bichon mix who was given to us by someone who said that she witnessed him get thrown against a wall. We subsequently found out that Scooter's disability was from a congenital defect and that he had a deformed spine and paraspinal musculature.

We are happy to report that Scooter is now comfortably resting in his new home. He has had quite a long journey with us at PAWS New England and we could not be more thrilled for him. Scooter's new family are adopters that every rescue group would dream to work with. They treat their animals better than most people treat their children. Scooter now enjoys a Mommy who is home all day with him and a sister named Fifi who shows him the ropes. 

We'd like to thank the Schmidt family for fostering Scooter and giving him such phenomenal care. Thank you to Jen DeAquiar and her family for fostering Scooter in New England and always being willing to take in the dogs that need a little extra care :) And- to the Turner family- we can not find the words to express how grateful we are for giving Scooter the home beyond even our wildest hopes. Families like you remind us why we endure the many ups and down of rescue.

We had so much fun updating Scooter's video with this great update and we hope that you will have just as much fine watching it! Click here to watch.

Rex Saved

Rex is a lab/ shepherd mix who can only be described as a survivor. He was found in early December in ditch after having been shot by a pellet gun. It is remarkable that Rex was able to survive- he mustered enough strength to drag his them paralyzed legs out of water in the bottom of the ditch and stay warm until he could be found. He was hypothermic and in shock when a Good Samaritan rushed him to a vet. The vets feared that he had broken his spine and assumed he would have to be humanely euthanized.

The volunteer who had found Rex advocated that he be given a few days to assess the extent of his injuries. The entire veterinary staff was astounded when they noticed that Rex regained some movement in his back left leg just a few days later. They began to treat him more aggressively instead of simply trying to control his pain and keep him comfortable. In two weeks, Rex was up and "walking" again. He still could not bear weight on his right rear leg, but he was mobile again!

Rex was evaluated by a neurosurgeon who believes that he most likely would not benefit from surgery to remove the pellet lodged in his back. She recommended that we place him in a foster home that would help exercise him and regain his strength. We are actively looking for a foster home for Rex, so please email us if you are interested in helping this incredible dog.

Rex is understandably quite shaken up by his entire ordeal. He will often tuck his tail between legs when new people approach him. However- it does not take him long to warm up when he realizes that you are there to give attention or have a treat! He melts with a kind touch and has the most mild temperament.

Rex has a long road ahead of him as he recently tested positive for heartworm on top of everything else. But he has proved to us that he will endure whatever it takes to have the chance to become part of someone's family. Look for an update about Rex in our next newsletter to check in on his progress!

Connor goes to his forever home!

Connor is a young beagle who was found by an amazing animal control officer tangled up in barbed wire. Her town only had funds to cover euthanasia costs, so she fronted her own money and brought him to a vet for immediate medical attention. She reached out for a rescue group that would help and PAWS was happy to step in and help this brave little dog and an animal control officer that embodies the spirit of our organization.

This poor little guy had severely damaged his his MCL and severed his extensor ligaments. When Connor needed emergency surgery, PAWS volunteers and the ACO who found him, worked together on a moment's notice to move him from Western MA to RI. The amazing staff at Big River Veterinary Services in West Greenwich, RI performed his life saving operation at a dramatic discount. Connor had to be hospitalized for a week and they gave him the most incredible care. 

Connor has spent the last six weeks recuperating at the home of one of our most talented foster Moms. He had an external fixator placed from his surgery and refused to use his injured leg. His foster Mom got extremely creative with ways to "encourage" him to walk on his bad leg to rebuild his damaged muscles, but Connor always seemed to figure out a way to get around it. In fact, when she put his good leg in a sling, he responded by walking on his two front paws. She could hardly believe her eyes- he walked around like he was doing a handstand! Connor turned out to be a bit of an acrobatic genius!

This little beagle captured the heart of everyone who has met him. He went to his forever home yesterday and his new family is simply in love. His story is awe-inspiring- not just because of his incredible will to survive, but it is a true testament to the dedication of the animal rescue community. So many people who had never met one and other banded together for this little beagle. Connor started his life without one person caring whether he lived or died and in one week had the entire New England area working to get him well. Congratulations Connor- we are so happy for you!

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