Q1 VC report shows weakness. VC funding slowdown. Mega-rounds slip.
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We just released our 101-page Q1 2016 Venture Pulse Report with KPMG. This report highlights the latest trends in venture capital funding globally, with a few highlights scattered below.

The future is here

We've got some of the smartest people in the media focused on financial services joining us for The Future of Fintech Conference.

So in addition to an amazing speaker lineup of 42 folks, we have just added the following:
  • Jonathan Marino (@jonmarino) - CNBC Wall Street reporter
  • Penny Crosman (@pennycrosman) - Technology editor of American Banker
  • Portia Crowe (@portiacrowe) - Business Insider finance reporter
And last week, we'd added some stellar folks from the New York Times, the Financial Times, and Bloomberg. 

There are only 33 tickets left to the conference.

If you are a private company interested in getting in front of investors, potential customers, and the media, private company track applications close in 2 days. 

Good facts

Women now have more college degrees than men for the first time.

Check your pulse

The first quarter of 2016 experienced a slowdown with $25.5B invested across 1829 deals, marking the second-straight quarter in which investors dialed back VC funding and activity.

Do you suffer from GMI?

As far as data product names go, I think Capital IQ is a pretty awesome name. Yes we compete with them sometimes although they've ceded private company data while trying to battle Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

But nevertheless, a good name is a good name.

When I learned they changed their name to "S&P Global Market Intelligence," all I could think was WTF? You took a name like Capital IQ and changed it to S&P GMI?


The point of this is that if you (S&P GMI) are selling the Capital IQ brand, email me.

Endangered species

As existing unicorns battled negative press, downrounds, and markdowns, only five new VC-backed unicorns were minted in Q1’16. 

ICYMI: Tech stack

You can now search by tech stack on CB Insights.

Whether you're selling SaaS or IT Services or are a VC trying to figure out which companies to poach talent from for your portfolio, it's a lot easier now.

Mega-rounds fall mega-down

$100M+ equity financings remain depressed after falling off a cliff in the last quarter of 2015. Q1’16 saw $8.7B invested across 37 such deals, compared to $11.5B over 40 deals in Q4'15.

The Elite 8 matchups are not close

So this is strange.

We're down to the Elite 8 in our Series A bracket and oddly, most of the matchups are not that close right now. 

It's still early so this could change significantly. This round concludes April 17th, so get your vote in for the best Series A VC investor.

Industry standard

CB Insights is the authority on emerging tech, venture capital, and startups. Here are some of the latest media articles featuring CB Insights and our data.

Bloomberg. Tim Culpan (@tculpan) cites our unicorn data in his discussion on Meitu, a Chinese company that created a selfie-editing app, and the tech bubble.

CIPS. In his podcast, Stephen Ibaraki interviews CB Insights CEO and co-founder Anand Sanwal about disruption, entrepreneurship and being at the forefront of tracking emerging tech.

YahooFinance. Blockchain is attracting investments from VCs and corporates such as Microsoft. Anne Shields (@MarketRealist) cites CB Insights research on the many industries where the technology could be used.

Promus Ventures. Mike Collett (@mikecollett) refers to CB Insights funding data in this update on the state of robotics.

Politico. British regulators are cheering the emergence of London’s fintech industry, reports Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli (@London_Silvia), citing the Pulse of Fintech report.


P.S. Our Industrial IoT webinar has over 1100 registrants. It's gonna be good.

Venture Pulse Report - Q1 2016

KPMG and CB Insights' Q1 2016 VC report highlights the latest trends in venture capital funding globally. Download the report.
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