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So much for long-term investing, eh? 

ETFs saw $31B in outflows last week. Here's 80 weeks of ETF flows highlighting how extreme the exit was.

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Change in behavior

Since 2013, the largest US banks have acquired only 18 fintech startups — but the activity in the last 5 months suggests that this trend is beginning to change. 2017 saw more acquisitions by top US banks than any other year.

Seed VCs

Several seed investors submitting their data for the VC rankings have said they don't take board seats, and wanted to know if our ranking for seed investors will consider this.

It will.

You've got until Friday to get your data updated/submitted via The Editor for the NYT-CBI rankings.

Final four

Four cities remain in our Amazon HQ2 bracket challenge: Atlanta, Raleigh, Austin, and Boston. Now help us decide which cities will make it to the championship round. Vote here.

Keeping it 100?

This certainly covers every option.

Thx to @vijayshekhar for spotting this.

Food fight

Grocery delivery startup Instacart raised $200M in a Series E funding round this week, boosting its valuation by almost $1B. This comes on the heels of Amazon's announcement last week that it would launch a 2-hour delivery service for Whole Foods.

Also trying to make it in an industry gradually being taken over by Amazon is German discount grocer Aldi, which has partnered with Instacart. We previously took a look at the company's plan to go after the US supermarket industry with a $5B expansion.

Why are American sports getting more complicated?

I was in India in January during the NFL playoffs and was trying to explain to some cousins how American Football works.

It is not an easy task.

Well at least basketball is simple, right? If you've seen the language around "The Restricted Area and Verticality," you'll disagree.

I can't wait until the blockchain solves this.

Never break the chain

Check out our briefing for potential blockchain uses in heavy industry, why corporations are investing in blockchain-based solutions, and more.

Better than chocolate

For 24 hours only, we’re giving you the chance to bring someone you love to Future of Fintech for only an additional $1295 (aka save up to $2200).

Now who said you weren’t romantic?

Happy early Valentine’s Day from the company that loves you the most.

The AI 100 in their own words

In December, we released our AI 100 list. It includes companies from 9 countries and 11 unicorns, and represents a total of $6.6B in capital raised in 2017.

At A-ha! we caught up with a few companies on the list to learn more about them in their own words. View all of the videos on the AI 100 playlist, and learn more about the AI 100 here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

VentureBeat. Chris O’Brien (@obrien) writes about the growing esports industry and cites CB Insights research.

Digital Journal. Tim Sandle (@timsandle) reports on where the top 10 US banks are investing in fintech and refers to CB Insights’ research brief.
MarTech Advisor. The MTA News Desk reports on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s release of the IAB 250 Powered by Dun & Bradstreet and cites CB Insights.

I love you.


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The Blurb

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We’ve peaked. More and more Americans are deciding they don’t need to upgrade their cell phones every year.
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Death by delivery. Orders through delivery apps like Uber Eats and Seamless are beginning to replace some restaurants’ core businesses rather than complementing them.
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Detecting a pattern. IBM has developed AI capable of predicting the onset of psychosis in a patient using speech patterns.

Catching up on correspondence. Bill and Melinda Gates post their 10th Annual Letter, marking the occasion by answering 10 tough questions.

AI for the Earth. A report released at Davos outlines more than 80 possible environmental applications for AI, ranging from autonomous energy and water networks to disaster resiliency and response.
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Need some air. Megan Rose Dickey (@meganrosedickey) talks with Justin Erlich, Uber Head of Policy of Autonomous Vehicles and Urban Aviation, about Uber air travel.

Tough times. The last two years have forced Mark Zuckerberg to grapple with Facebook’s status as a media company and the role it played in the 2016 election.
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