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Robot agents are here

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Earlier this week, we mentioned Steve Jurvetson's comments (Jurvetson is a board member of Tesla, SpaceX) that "human rights" may need to be extended to robots.

Interestingly, Estonia is actually trying to figure out this issue.

Thanks to reader Allan Martinson for sending this.

If you want to discuss this topic with Steve Jurvetson, join us at the A-ha! conference.

On with the show.

The biggest deals

With Google nearing 200 acquisitions since buying YouTube back in 2006, we put together an infographic of Google's top acquisitions, from its recent HTC smartphone acquisition to its $12B+ Motorola Mobility mega-deal. 

Oh, what a feeling

I'm excited to announce two more amazing folks joining us at A-ha!:

  • Sarah Tavel, General Partner at Benchmark
  • Jim Adler, the head of Toyota AI Ventures

When we asked VCs which VC they'd put their own money into, Benchmark was at the top of the list.

Yes, they are a beast in the VC game, having been the early money in Uber and Snap. 

Sarah was previously at Greylock and prior to that was in product at Pinterest, so she has operating and investing experience.

She also sourced Pinterest for Bessemer so she's got an eye for the next big thing.  

We're excited to discuss where Sarah is seeing opportunities.

Jim leads the $100 million Toyota AI Ventures organization. The firm and Jim are investing in everything from robotics to mapping algorithms to driver hazard recognition AI.

We'll be talking about where Toyota is investing and why he believes the firm has an advantage versus other car makers and insurgents attacking the space.

If you've not bought your ticket to A-ha!, use the code "vroom" to get $500 off through tomorrow.

Take your vitamins

We analyzed the distribution models and product offerings of the most well-funded VC-backed supplements companies. Nine of the top 20 companies offer subscription models, including Joint Juice, Elysium, Ritual, and Bulu Box.

People on Facebook were shocked this worked

More proof society is getting dumber.

h/t @meanplastic

Charge up

From using novel compounds to creating more powerful "fuel pumps," we dive deep on battery innovation getting us closer to 5-minute EV charging times.

Flying high

We analyzed annual and quarterly equity investments to private travel tech companies, as well as funding by deal stage. Despite a quarterly dip in deal flow in Q3'17, 2017 is on track for a new high.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Tech Cruch. Lucas Matney (@lucasmtny) and Katie Roof (@Katie_Roof) on how AR startup Magic Leap is aiming to raise $1B in new funding, per a regulatory filing unearthed by CB Insights

CNN. Heather Kelly (@heatherkelly) reports on Google's pledge to donate $1B to help people land technical jobs and references CB Insights research on jobs threatened by AI & automation

Press Herald. J. Craig Anderson (@jcraiganderson) reports on investment into Vets First Choice of Portland and references data found in the CB Insights & PwC Q3'17 MoneyTree Report.

Denver Post. Tamara Chuang (@gadgettress) writes about Colorado's investment activity and cites data found in the CB Insights & PwC Q3'17 MoneyTree Report.

I love you.


P.S. On Tuesday, we're introducing the Healthcare Horizons Class of 2017 — 27 startups transforming the practice of medicine. Sign up for the briefing

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