Robo-advisor teardown. Fintech in Q3'17. 3D printing market map.
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Blockchain Investment Trends In Review
A data-driven deep dive on the evolution of the blockchain landscape — and how VCs, token sales, and consortia are shaping its future.

Amazon Patents Always-On Video Streams Of Friends And Relatives’ Homes
The video would be blurred and voices muffled but the idea is for people to be able to guess whether friends and family are available in order to hop on spontaneous video calls.

Robo-Advisor Teardown: How Betterment And Wealthfront Stack Up
Betterment and Wealthfront are the robos to watch in the battle against incumbents. See how their strategies stack up now and get insight into where they're headed next.

3D Printing Market Map: 60 Startups Shaping Additive Manufacturing
3D printing startups are tackling everything from bioprinting living tissues to developing desktop printers for the consumer market.

The Global Fintech Report Q3 2017
A comprehensive, data-driven look at global financial technology investment trends, top deals, active investors, and corporate activity.

Infographic: Google’s Biggest Acquisitions
As Google nears 200 M&A deals since its YouTube acquisition back in 2006, we visualize the tech giant's top acquisitions.

We analyzed 7 of the fastest-growing personal finance apps of all time to figure out the secrets to their success
Here are the core strategies that these companies are using to build, convert, engage, and monetize their audience.

Legal Tech Startup Financings Take Off As Automation Hits White-Collar Industries
Funding is on track for a record high while smart money investors are making calculated, early-stage investments in companies redefining the legal profession.

AI Will Put 10 Million Jobs At High Risk — More Than Were Eliminated By The Great Recession
Automation is coming after jobs, from fast food workers to accountants. We analyzed which jobs are most — and least — at risk, given factors including tasks involved, the current commercial deployment of technology, patent activity, regulations, and more.

What’s The Easiest Place To Raise Early Startup Capital? Hint: Not Silicon Valley
The venture capital funnel shows just how brutal the VC game is.

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