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Leonardo DiCaprio

Hi there,

More baller (kids still say that?) speakers for our Future of Fin Tech Conference.

This morning, we added:
  • Ron Suber (@ronsuber) - President of Prosper (unicorn valued at $1.9B)
  • Jaidev Shergill (@jshergill) - Founder & Head of Capital One Ventures 

Five days left to get early bird pricing.

This is going to sell out, and because we're the type of ruthless capitalists that Leonardo DiCaprio hates, prices will go up (see section below re: Leo).

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My heart will go on 

This is the first and probably only newsletter that will mention Leonardo DiCaprio. (Actually
if this newsletter does really well, we'll be mentioning Leo all the time.)

Anyways, Leonardo DiCaprio was at Davos and was slamming corporate greed and the terrible things they've done to the environment. DiCaprio's claims probably have merit but when you read the following headline, it kind of all seems hollow.

Been noticing more of these "do as I say not as I do" missives of late (mostly from very wealthy folks).
  • Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook says MBAs are not really all that useful to work in tech despite having an MBA.
  • Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook and now Asana, calls for balancing work & life despite having not balanced them at Facebook.
  • David H. Hansson, co-founder of Basecamp, talks about extreme wealth being overrated in the same essay where he talks about buying a yellow Lamborghini.
One day, I hope I'll get to say stuff like this too.

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Root for the Denver Broncos

Given how the markets are doing, we can probably use all the help we can get.

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I love you.


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