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Where Big Pharma Is Placing Bets In Digital Health In One Timeline
Merck's Global Health Innovation Fund is leading the pack with 24 digital health investments since 2009.

80+ Startups Attacking Drug Store Shelves
These startups have raised $1.2B to create new brands in the fast-moving consumer goods space, including vitamins, shampoo, and face creams.

The International Unicorn Club
China is home to the top 5 most highly valued unicorns outside the US.

The India Fintech Market Map
Fintech startups in the country are eager to reach India’s mostly unbanked population and capitalize on its tech-friendly regulatory environment.

Here’s Where Yext Ranks Among New York’s Top VC-Backed Exits
Two of New York's top venture capital-backed exits have now taken place in 2017 year-to-date. Both are B2B software companies.

The AI In Fintech Market Map
Startups are using AI to improve and expand credit offerings, insurance options, personal finance services, and regulatory software.

Telemedicine Deals And Funding Dip
Late-stage deals to telemedicine startups see steep drop off in 2016.

Space Tech Funding Drops Back To Earth While Deals Push Up
Entrepreneur-celebrities Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have made space tech startups much more prominent investor targets.

Mapping Digital Health Startups Across The Globe
While the US accounts for 75% of global digital health deal share, deal flow to international startups continues to climb.

Deals To In-Store Tech Startups Tick Back Up
From shopper tracking to point-of-sale financing platforms, investors are excited about new in-store technologies.

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