AI in healthcare. Crossover investors in travel tech. Financing to greentech startups.
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Dolla' dolla' bill y'all

Hi there,

Here's an interesting financing that Nikhil on our team spotted on CB Insights.

Of course, the company is based in Brooklyn.

AI in healthcare goes international

Deals and dollars to AI-based healthcare companies are on track for a record high in 2016. Though 77% of the deals since 2012 have gone to US startups, there were major investments recently in other countries, including Israel, Canada, China, and India.


In Friday's newsletter, the winning headline was "a $230M dumpster fire" but in the newsletter, we had a typo and wrote $200M which caused some confusion.

Apologies for that.

For clarification, the dumpster fire we were referring to was Mode Media. 

Cross over participation in travel tech

Crossover investors — those that are primarily focused on the public markets — have participated in nearly 60 travel tech deals since 2012, with funding from those deals totaling $3.6B.

Is this Google Glass part 2?

Last week, Snap fka Snapchat came out with wearable glasses that record video. Of course, the comparisons to Google Glass began quickly.

Below is an image that nicely captures the differences between the two.

Going green

We look at financing to greentech startups over the last five years. On a quarterly basis, total funding in Q2’16 saw a 60% jump over Q1’16, while deal count held steady.

What can brown do for you?

In this election, there is lots of concern about Mexicans but I say you better watch out for those freakin' Indians based on this data compiled by the WSJ.

A young tech trend

We analyze the quantum computing startup ecosystem. There are only a small number of private companies in the industry that have been able to raise over $1M, and since 2012, there have been fewer than 40 deals to the space. 

The Industry Standard

VentureBeat. Gerard Grech (@gerardgrech) dives into the UK tech scene and references our H1 2016 Global Tech Exits Report.

Bloomberg. Ellen Huet (@ellenhuet), Alex Barinka (@alexbarinka), and Craig Giammona (@sitkawriter) write about Whole Foods' investment into Instacart and cite CB insights data on funding to the food delivery space.

Springfield News-Sun. Matt Sanctis (@mattsanctis) on EF Hutton's new brand and business model with a reference to CB Insights data on the financial services market.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


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Major funding rounds go to AI healthcare startups outside the US

There have been notable investments recently in Israel, Canada, China, and India. See the map.
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Travel tech funding by mutual & hedge funds comes in for a hard landing

Deal count to travel tech startups involving crossovers is on track to come in at roughly half of last year's total. See the data.
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Deals to greentech startups on track for four-year low

Khosla Ventures, which has been historically bullish on greentech investing, has only made 1 investment in 2016 thus far. Read about it.
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6 charts breaking down the nascent quantum computing startup ecosystem

Deals to three companies — D-Wave, Cambridge Quantum Computing, and Quantum Biosystems — dominate funding. But newer players are emerging. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Driven in the valley. Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) writes about Cruise Automation founders, Kyle Vogt and Daniel Kan, and their plans for bringing self-driving cars to the masses.

Growing a great startup ecosystem. Albert Wenger (@albertwenger) on why Toronto makes an ideal location to build a startup ecosystem.

Startup media companies can only win when this happens. Jeremy Liew (@jeremysliew) believes startup media companies can only succeed when there is a dramatic change in distribution.
Lightspeed Venture Partners

Exit strategies. Aniruddha Malpani (@malpani) on why angel investors shouldn't worry about exit strategies.
Inc 42

Transparency. Andre Lavoie (@aglavoie) writes about why you need to incorporate transparency into your work culture.

Defensibility. James Currier (@jamescurrier) says defensibility creates the most value for founders.

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