Smart buildings. Blockchain at the bank. Cancer treatment breakthrough?
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How Uber Makes Money
Uber is the quintessential two-sided marketplace, but the real mechanics and drivers of its business are poorly understood. We look at where Uber makes money, where it spends it, and what profitability looks like.

Top Tech Trends In 2019
Technology is now central to every industry — from building construction to healthcare administration to food production. We look at the top tech trends poised to reshape industries in 2019.

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Banking
Blockchain is transforming everything from payments transactions to how money is raised in the private market. Will the traditional banking industry embrace this technology or be replaced by it?

How Big Tech Is Tackling Auto & Mobility
Emerging trends in the auto and mobility space are transforming the way vehicles are designed and how people interact with them. We take a look at how Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook are capitalizing on these changes.

Food And Beverage Trends In 2019
An analysis of emerging food and beverage trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework.

 55+ Companies Making Buildings Cleaner, Smarter, And Safer
From smart security to energy efficiency to comfort, these companies are working on the technology to help cities give their buildings an upgrade for the digital age.

Enterprise IT Trends In 2019
An analysis of emerging enterprise IT trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework.

 The Future of Payments: How Peer-To-Peer Payments Could Bypass Banking’s Rails
Tech players could keep P2P and B2C transactions entirely in-house via sticky digital wallets, bypassing legacy payments infrastructure.

The New Personalized Cancer Treatment: Why Neoantigen Vaccines Could Be The Next Big Immunotherapy Breakthrough
Neoantigen vaccines are being touted by some as the next big cancer treatment breakthrough. Here, we explore how these vaccines work and the companies looking to bring them to market.

 Pest Control Space Sees Record M&A Activity But Innovation Still In Early Stages
Big players in commercial and residential pest management are on an acquisition spree to expand their markets and services. But few companies have a robust R&D pipeline or are experimenting with tech-based approaches.


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