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Dear cable companies — Looks like you've got bigger fish to fry than getting the cable guy to show up on time.

According to Pew Research, Americans are getting rid of broadband just like they did with landlines. 

A lot of chatter that 2016 will be a massive year for cord cutting. Ruh roh.

#CES2016 cheat sheet

We've identified the top 10 high-momentum private companies to watch at the Consumer Electronics Show next week based on Mosaic, our private company scoring algorithm. The companies include Ninebot, shown below, which makes personal transport devices. For a much longer list of companies at CES with data including investors, total funding, and more, sign up for a free trial and visit the Research tab to download the Excel file. Or search for "CES 2016" under company lists.

(Note: file only available to new or still-current trial accounts)

Our data science team flexes

Earlier this week, Salesforce acquired Steelbrick for $300 million. One of the interesting things about the deal was that Salesforce Ventures was an investor in Steelbrick, as well as competitor Apptus.

Apptus is among the companies in the 2016 Tech IPO Pipeline and given its $1B+ valuation, an acquisition may not be that likely. 

But if there is a buyer, who could it be?

The CB Insights M&A Recommendation algorithm identified the company's two most likely acquirers, as can be seen below. With Salesforce out of the running for Apptus, suggestion #2 looks pretty good.

If you are a dealmaker, isn't it time you upgraded from Google searches and gut instinct?

Travel tech has a huge year

Financing activity to travel tech startups exploded in 2015. Funding will reach almost $5.4B across an estimated 360 deals by year-end. That's a triple-digit increase in funding over last year's numbers. We dig into the data and trends

'They're VC-backed'

Some of my friends who "want to get into startups" end up with offers at startups and ask me which offer they should take.

They'll often say things like "the company is venture-backed" suggesting that "venture-backed" means great company.

I nicely tell them that VC-backed means nothing on its own. Do you think having Greylock or NEA or Sequoia invested means the same as having raised from ChubbyBrain Ventures? Yeah — exactly.

So was wondering whether a post on how to use data to decide between 2 startup job offers might be helpful? Respond to our Twitter poll to let us know.

The year in CB Insights reports

Each year, our research team produces dozens of in-depth reports and webinars on key areas like fin tech and quarterly looks at trends across private companies, venture capital, and emerging industries. Here are a few of this year's greatest hits, click through for the PDF versions of each: 
  1. 2016 Tech IPO Pipeline
  2. The 91-Page Q3'15 Venture Pulse Report
  3. The Q3'15 Global Tech Exits Report
  4. The Future Of Frontier Tech Report
  5. Benchmarking Corporate Venture Capital
  6. Disruption In Financial Services

Happy New Year. I love you.


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Global Food Tech Deal Activity Reaches All-Time High In Q3’15, the China-based online ordering platform, raised a massive $1.25B in investment this week from Alibaba. The food tech mega-financings were already in evidence in Q3'15, which saw more than $1B in quarterly funding for only the second time. Read about food tech funding trends.
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CB Insights Top Deal Searches

CB Insights users can query our database in powerful ways. See a few below or sign up:


10 High-Flying Companies To Watch At CES 2016

These are some of the companies you should be watching at CES based on CB Insights' predictive Mosaic scores. See the companies
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Buckle Your Seatbelts: Funding To Travel Tech Startups Skyrockets In 2015 

2015 saw an all-time funding high to travel tech, buoyed by big deals like the $1.5B Series E to Airbnb and and the $300M Series E to China-based TuJia. Deal count also surged. See how travel tech has trended
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The Tech IPO Pipeline Report 

The Tech IPO Pipeline report, released this month, is among the dozens of in-depth research reports we published this year. Others were our Benchmarking CVC and Disruption In Financial Services reports. 
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

What didn't happen in VC. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) lists some of what we didn't see in 2015 and bemoans the lack of IPOs from high-flying unicorns, which trade at much higher multiples than recent tech IPOs.

Blockchain 2015. In a 67-slide deck William Mougayar (@wmougayar) takes a deep dive into how the banking industry is approaching blockchain and the startups advancing the technology. 
Startup Management

The top long reads of 2015. Curated by Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) of Andreessen Horowitz, this short list includes takes on WeChat in China, what we can learn from the history of PC gaming, and how to hire sales teams. 

Why gene editing tech really is a breakthrough. Joe Palca (@joesbigidea) takes a look at why scientists consider the gene editing technique known as CRISPR/Cas9 the breakthrough of the year. The least controversial applications may be the most useful. 
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