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We'd started working with The New York Times a few months ago to rank VC partners. We're excited that it is now live as part of a larger story in the Times today (front page of Business section).

Read on.

Intel Capital exit?

Intel Capital, one of corporate venture's longest standing firms, is rumored, per Bloomberg, to be mulling a sale of its portfolio.

This would be big.

We did a tweetstorm on Intel Capital and dug into their data using Investor Analytics.

Our analyst team will be discussing if there is a larger slowdown in CVC tomorrow as well.

Profitability 2.0 *

Ellen Huet of Bloomberg penned a great article on Instacart last week. One part that she dug into that was very interesting to me was how Instacart thinks of profitability.

It made me realize that I need to go back and take an accounting class again cuz this is some avant-garde isht I'm not familiar with.

The Future looks bright

Guess who else is going to be speaking at The Future of Fintech?

  • Vanessa Colella - Head of Citi Ventures
  • Anju Patwardhan (@anjupatwardhan) - Global Chief Innovation Officer at Standard Chartered Bank
Anju is joining us all the way from Singapore.

We've got a large contingent of large Asia-based financial services companies attending so beyond great speakers, we're planning some amazing networking activities to ensure you meet the international movers and shakers who will be there.

We've extended the conference for a 3rd day as well to go from June 8 to 10th. 

If your focus is fintech, you need to be there.

Global Corporate Venture Capital in 2015

Corporate VCs participated in 1301 fundings totaling $28.4B in 2015.

We just released our recap of the year in global corporate venture capital. The 63-page report details global CVC investment trends, rankings of the most active CVCs, and much more. Check it out.

Breaking records

An early look at insurance tech deal activity in 2016 shows early-stage insurance tech financings on pace to hit a new quarterly record in Q1'16.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Indianapolis Star. Olivia Lewis’s (@TheWrittenPeace) profile of a new on-demand dinner app cites our research on the overcrowded industry for on-demand food tech.

Time. Kim Clark (@Money_College) asks if there is a hidden bubble in the markets, referring to the CB Insights Unicorn Tracker.

Playfair Capital. Nathan Benaich (@NathanBenaich) explores the state of the global private artificial intelligence market using CB Insights exits and funding data.

The Register (UK). Kieren McCarthy (@kierenmccarthy) looks at the mutual fund and VC investing slowdown and the big coming wave of unicorns looking for financing using CB Insights data.

Healthcare Dive. Healthcare startups face a rocky road, says Nina Flanagan (@HealthCareDive), citing our analysis of digital health trends to watch in 2016.

The Motley Fool. Citing our CVC data and the new Downround Tracker, Evan Niu (@TMFNewCow) says lower valuations can present an opportunity for tech giants on the hunt for acquisitions.

A case of the Mondays

It's the start of the week so I know it might be tough. If feeling a little blue, here's a little pick me up.

New York Times VC rankings

We'd been working with The New York Times on a ranking of VC partners, and it forms the basis of a new story by Katie Benner (@ktbenner) and Michael de la Merced (@m_delamerced) on the VCs who get into venture's big wins early. 

They write:

The top 20 from the CB Insights list are here in the NYT. We've published the entire list of the top 100 VC partners per CB Insights' Investor Mosaic algorithm here.

I imagine Ctrl-F will be used a lot on this page.

If you're a startup founder, this list represents the current best of the best in venture.

We'll be updating the list over time so if you'd like to edit your firm's investments and board seats, please use The Editor.

I love you.


P.S. Fintech boomed in 2015 but slowed down big time late in the year. Our analysts are going to be discussing Fintech trends and what's next here.


2015 Global Corporate Venture Capital Report

A comprehensive data-driven look at 2015's corporate venture capital activity globally. Download the report.
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Early-stage insurance tech deals on pace for quarterly record

Seed and Series A deals in Q1'16 have so far largely fallen outside the realm of health insurance tech. See the data.
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