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Corporate accelerators — joke's on you

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Beauty is tech; tech, beauty

Beauty and tech are becoming increasingly intertwined.

L’Oréal and other beauty conglomerates are making acquisitions to up their tech game, tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are dabbling in the beauty industry.

From booking salon services through voice assistants to powering digital beauty brands, we take a closer look at how the biggest US tech companies are giving the personal care industry a makeover

Source: Instagram Business

More proof we’re becoming dumber

There is a group of people, dubbed hydro-haters, who hate water so much that they’ll risk a trip to the ER for severe dehydration to avoid drinking it.

They seem to have found some practical ways to cope with their H20 aversion, though:

Always on my mind

More than 2B data records were stolen worldwide last year, so it's no surprise that cybersecurity is top of mind for C-suite executives from the finance industry to healthcare and beyond.

Our new Future of Data Security report digs into data security startups to watch, how AI and blockchain are impacting data security, patent applications, and much more. Download it here.

 Gympocalypse now?

Startups like Peloton and ClassPass are making moves to bring fitness to the home — is this a sign of the gympocalypse?

From connected boxing gloves to live-stream workout subscriptions, we take a look at how startups are revamping fitness routines — and what gyms are doing to keep up. Expert Intelligence clients can read more here.

Sure you are, pal

On Twitter, we asked what title makes someone immediately lose credibility when they use it in their LinkedIn or Twitter bio.

The results are in:

As a result of this poll, we have banned all of these titles from the TRANSFORM conference.

Honorable mentions also included "influencer" and anyone with "#crypto" in their bio.


European unicorns make up around 11% of the world's total unicorn population.

Together, these startups have rasied over $21B in total funding across industries from fintech to e-commerce to healthcare, and more.

We've listed each of the 31 European unicorns in order of valuation. Check them out here.

Now my watch begins

People act more generous when they feel like they’re being watched, according to new research from the University of Virginia.

The study found that visitor contributions to a children’s museum donation box increased by 80% when a picture of a pair of eyes was placed above it.

Nothing brings out a person’s altruistic side like a little shame.

 I need some air

The rapidly changing climate and growing global middle class are causing an increase in demand for better heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) — and startups have some ideas.

From air quality to smart monitoring, we map out 30+ companies using technology to improve HVAC systems. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Dr. Andreas Liebl lists three ways to move your company towards AI adoption and refers to CB Insights research.

CNBC. Eric C. Jansen (@finiviFA) discusses how big companies are harnessing blockchain’s potential and references CB Insights research.

Nikkei Asian Review. Huichen Chou writes about Asia’s activity in the medical cannabis market and quotes CB Insights healthcare analyst Ja Lee (@ja_lee2).

I love you.


If you think meetings where you write ideas on Post-It Notes of various colors will help you become innovative, definitely do NOT attend TRANSFORM.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Can’t stand the stuff. Some people refuse to drink water, even if it means trips to the ER for severe dehydration.
Mel Magazine

I’ll be watching you. A new study found that people donate more when they feel like they’re being watched.
Fast Company

Playing defense. Local, state, and federal officials have worked with privacy organizations to protect voting systems in the US in unprecedented ways.

On the mend. The ozone layer is healing from damage caused by aerosol sprays and coolants.
AP News

Getting physical. Facebook is teaming up with Macy’s to launch nine pop-up stores for the holiday season.

It makes me ill. Technology in the medical field is supposed to make caregiving more efficient — so why do many doctors hate their computers?
The New Yorker
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