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Your PR firm better get you meetings 

Hi there,

In about 35 years, they're saying AI will be able to write a New York Times Best Seller.

Visualizing capital markets tech

We identified over 145 companies in the capital markets tech space providing software and/or services for investment banks, hedge funds, investment managers, and so forth.

Want to meet media folks?

Since our events don't have sponsors, we don't have moderators droning on about how awesome they are and asking softball questions. It makes it a lot more interesting.

We've got 27 media outlets attending The Future of Fintech and all the moderators are folks from media. I'm glad to announce a bunch of new additions to our roster including:

  • Wall Street Journal - Peter Rudegeair
  • Bloomberg - Drew Armstrong
  • Thomson Reuters - Anna Irrera
  • Yahoo Finance - Andy Serwer
  • Wall Street Journal - AnnaMaria Andriotis

Make sure you or your PR firm is there getting the word out about what you are doing. You won't find a better collection of financial services journalists in one place than The Future of Fintech.

Use the code bigdeal to get $2000 off your tickets today by going here.

Head in the clouds

Netskope, a Cloud Access Security Company (CASB), raised $100M in Series B financing earlier this week. In light of the news, we looked at a few top players in the CASB space: Skyhigh, Bitglass, Netskope, and CipherCloud.

Kill 'em with line charts

If I'm ever in a meeting and need to look smart, here's what I do:

  1. Get up suddenly and say nothing
  2. Go to the whiteboard and draw an X and Y axis (quickly and with confidence)
  3. At the 0,0 coordinate, write a term and then somewhere else, write another unrelated term
  4. Then connect the 2 terms with a line or a curve
  5. And then proclaim "This is where our industry is going"
  6. Sit back down and say nothing

This exact method was used in this graphic spotted on Techcrunch by reader Jimmy Woodward.

The race for AI

We look at acquisitions by all the top 20 acquirers of private AI startups since 2012. Google has been the most prominent player with 11 acquisitions under its belt.

Sometimes, 23 does not = 23

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

New York Times. Katie Benner (@ktbenner) writes about Pinterest's valuation with its latest funding round and cites CB Insights data on VC-backed companies that have gone public this year.

Forbes. Zach Friedman (@zackafriedman) writes about unicorns funded by Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple and references CB Insights research on the subject.

CNBC. Ylan Mui (@ylanmui) writes about politics-focused tech startups and cites CB Insights on companies in the space.

I love you.


P.S. Use the code bigdeal to get $2000 off your Future of Fintech tickets today.
Startup Spotlight
Below are a few startups that submitted/updated their data via the CB Insights Editor. Increase your chances of getting in front of our research team by submitting your company data here.
  • Hand Talk is a digital translation platform for Brazilian Sign Language, used by the Brazilian hearing impaired community
  • FruitCubed develops pre-portioned cubes combining fresh fruit, seaweed, and veggie proteins for consumption
  • CarGuru is a platform for automotive care and wash plans
  • Agenda Kids is a school communication platform that seeks to integrate parents and schools
  • WalletFi is a mobile application that helps users identify and move recurring charges, subscriptions, and card-on-file payments across cards in their digital wallet

Over 145 tech startups focused on transforming capital markets in one market map

From the front-office to the back-office, a crop of new capital markets tech companies are looking to digitize traditional financial services operations. See the market map.
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Enterprise network security is a hot ticket with a flurry of $100M mega-rounds this year

This year has seen four mega-rounds of $100M+ in cybersecurity and all of those deals went to companies that help secure enterprise networks. Read about it.
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Google, Twitter, Intel, Apple in a rush to grab artificial intelligence startups

Around 46% of the AI companies acquired since 2012 have had VC backing. See the timeline.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Ways in which machines learn. There are four major ways to train deep learning networks: supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning.

The art of VC. Sarah Tavel (@sarahtavel) says VC is all about knowing when to take bets that look crazy from the outside, but are the source of deep conviction from the inside.

Dear PMs, it's time to rethink agile. Ogi Kavazovic identifies the two most common ways B2B product orgs get stuck, and how to get them back on track.
First Round Review

Reputation. Charlie O'Donnell (@ceonyc) says the reputation you create off each 1:1 with a founder is like a rainy day fund — each act of help is a small deposit for how you're mentioned as a VC in the future.
This is Going to be Big

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