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Sometimes, being a senior exec at a large corporation can be lonely.

It need not be.

On October 2-3rd in NYC, we're assembling 37 EVPs, Presidents and C-level executives who run innovation, strategy, digital, tech or M&A at Fortune 1000 companies.

They'll learn from one another, our analysts and share best practices on influencing and enacting growth & innovation within their organizations.

We've got a few slots left. Learn more and sign up for Councils here.

And now, here are this week's top intelligence briefs.

Infographic: Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions
With Amazon on an M&A spree this year, we looked at its all-time largest deals in a visual timeline.

Corporates Target Chinese Baby & Kids Tech Startups
Corporate- and CVC-backed deals to baby & kids tech startups are on track for record deal and funding highs in 2017.

75+ AR/VR Startups Based In Israel
With startups that run the gamut from gaming platforms to VR-enhanced surgery tools, Israel has proven itself an important hub for AR/VR tech.

Where Major Chip Companies Are Investing In AI, AR/VR, And IoT
We dug into the private market bets made by major computer chip companies, including GPU makers. Our analysis encompasses the venture arms of NVIDIA, Intel, Samsung, AMD, and more.

Scientists Develop Microscopic ‘Nano-Drills’ That Can Destroy Cancer Cells Almost Instantly
Microscopic "molecular drills" could deliver drugs to, or destroy, diseased cells – potentially forging a new path to targeted cancer treatment.

Facebook, Hyatt, Weight Watchers, And Others Are Scooping Up Fitness Tech Startups
Acquirers in the fitness tech space range far and wide. 2017 has seen 15 exits thus far.

100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness
Corporate investors such as Mitsui, Monsanto, and Syngenta have backed startups improving irrigation, crop spraying, harvesting, and more.

Could RFID-Reading Drones Help Solve A $45 Billion-Dollar Per Annum Retail Problem?
By coupling airborne drones with smarter RFID systems, MIT researchers may make missing packages a thing of the past.

Here’s Why Mining Platinum From Asteroids Could Be A Billion-Dollar Opportunity
A single asteroid could contain as much as $50B worth of platinum. Space mining could roil commodity markets back on earth and startups are taking the first steps to making it happen.

30 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform
Banking and payments aren't the only industries that could be affected by blockchain tech. Law enforcement, ride hailing, and many other sectors could also have blockchain in their future.


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P.S. Executives from Campbell's, Harman, Bank of America, Sage, USAA and 30 others will be with us at our next Council meeting. If you're a senior exec, you should be too.
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