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The CEO edition

Hi there,

Received several requests for group discounts for The Innovation Summit so we created one. Buy 2 tickets and get the 3rd free through October 31st. 

Also, our room block at the Bacara Resort is now 63% full so attendees should make their reservations soon.

Startup access to CB Insights

We get a lot of startup founders/CEOs asking for access to CB Insights.

As we move to a $100k/annum price point, that's obviously not feasible for a startup.

But we're contemplating building what we think of as a CRM tool that investors can use to communicate with their founders which would ultimately allow founders/startup CEOs to get access to CBI.  

And to this end, we're conducting a survey of founders to understand how you communicate with your investors and what you like and dislike about it.

Take the investor communications survey.

No vision for you

It's Tuesday and the Sweet 16 of our CEO bracket is in the books, and we're down to a bunch of tech titans. See below.

But first, on the topic of CEOs, there is a provocative but interesting post by Steve Blank (see The Blurb) in which he argues that Tim Cook is the new Steve Ballmer (he doesn't mean this in a nice way). There are many things you might agree/disagree with in the post but one of the most interesting points is his argument about the impact of non-visionary CEOs on a company.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts here on whether you agree or disagree with this view that Tim Cook is the new Steve Ballmer.

Bracket time

It's the battle of the big dogs in the Elite 8.

Who are you voting for?
  • Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk
  • Bill Gates vs Larry Page
  • Jeff Bezos vs Marc Benioff
  • Steve Jobs vs Richard Branson

Not afraid to mix it up

You know one of the reasons why conferences typically blow?

Boring a$s speakers.

Folks who get up and talk about their books or just don't say anything for worry of offending someone or don't have a unique perspective/viewpoint.

That's why Fred Wilson is great and was a hit at our Future of Fintech conference despite his calling corporate VCs the devil. He had a viewpoint and was honest. That leads to interesting conversation.

And so I'm really excited to announce that Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath), the founder of $1.5B VC fund Social Capital, will be at The Innovation Summit.

Chamath was an early Facebook employee, is part owner of the Golden State Warriors, and recently launched a hedge fund (Social Capital Public Equity Partners) in addition to his VC fund. He and his team were early investors in Slack, Remind, Premise Data, and Glooko.

For those who follow tech, Chamath is not afraid to call it like he sees it so we're excited to dig into the areas he is investing in, where he sees venture going, and what areas he thinks are overhyped.

Join us at The Innovation Summit to hear him speak. Discount tickets are available through October 31st.

Automating the enterprise

We look at over 50 enterprise-focused robotics startups. These companies are building robots for industrial automation, manufacturing, warehouse automation, and restaurant services, among other tasks.

From Uber to TaskRabbit

We took a look at CB Insights’ valuation data to examine valuations for US-based on-demand companies and note some of the largest valuation jumps during the funding boom of 2015.

Beyond Moore's Law

We gathered 13 perspectives on quantum computing from a variety of investors, startups, corporations, and industry leaders. 

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Carrier Management. The president and CEO of Munich Re US, Tony Kuczinski (@TonyKuczinski), cites CB Insights data in his CEO Viewpoint column on disruption in his industry.

The Wall Street Journal. Jeffrey Sparshott (@jeffsparshott) on startups and the US economy with a reference to CB Insights data on seed funding.

Observer. Brady Dale (@bradydale) writes about the signs that Google will eat itself and references the CB Insights Google Strategy Teardown.

Humanizing Tech. Francesco Corea provides 13 forecasts on artificial intelligence and uses the CB Insights trends tool to compare robotics with other fields within the space.

Hope you had a terrific Tuesday.

I love you.


P.S. A singing unicorn serenaded our research team for getting 200K+ subscribers on the CB Insights newsletter

P.P.S. Join us for our online briefing on the Unbundling of Retail. Sign up here.

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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Evolution in language and culture. Kanyi Maqubela (@km) questions how language around social impact, autonomous driving, and VR today will be perceived by future professionals.
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We were right. 
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Airbnb's struggles. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) shares his thoughts on the issues Airbnb is facing in the state of New York.

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Enterprise software: death and transfiguration. William H. Janeway (@billjaneway) on the parallel revolutions in technologies and markets that have transformed the industry.
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Apple and Tim Cook. Steve Blank (@sgblank) argues that Tim Cook is the new Steve Ballmer.
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