Digital health exits. Sick of unicorns. Google is not alone.
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Love the cockroach

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It's about time CB Insights raised a hedge fund. So if Julian Robertson or Ray Dalio or Chase Coleman is reading this, let's talk.


Because the private markets, as many of our hedge fund customers can attest to, have implications on their public market holdings. Here is one example. Medallion Financial Corp's stock which has been creamed due to the "Uber Effect."

Cockroaches, unicorns, and dragons

Social Finance (SoFi) raised a billion dollar round. Boo-yah. Since unicorns, EUnicorns, decacorns, centaurs, etc were not enough, these billion dollar round companies have been deemed by some as dragons. </vomit>

Here's a list of these billion dollar financings aka dragons.

BTW, there are some recent great essays about the problems with our unicorn mania. Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures penned a great post on it as did Michael Eisenberg of Aleph who argues it's tearing the heart out of entrepreneurship.

My recent favorite is by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, who writes about the merit of being a cockroach.

Drivers wanted.

If you are an auto maker and haven't come to God on the profound changes that are coming to your industry, it's time to wake up. There are 25 companies working on autonomous vehicle projects (it's not just Google) and a host of your auto competitors (BMW, Audi, GM, etc) are aggressively investing in startups.

BTW, if you want to look good in front of your boss on the topic of driverless cars, you should attend this free event.

Also, while on the topic of driverless cars, how would you complete this sentence?

Digital health
expect more investor bucks

The space is seeing healthy exit activity
both M&A and IPOs. It includes several billion dollar exits which means you can expect investor interest to remain high. 

I love you.



These 10 companies raised $1B or more in a single round

There are now 10 companies that have raised $1B+ rounds of equity financingSee who raised $1B+ round financings.
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US digital health exits show steady growth and several $1B+ IPOs

Exits like Fitbit's and Veeva Systems' multibillion-dollar IPOs have buoyed the digital health space. Read about exit activity in the digital health space.
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Real estate tech startups on track to raise $1.5B in 2015

Q2’15 hit a multiyear quarterly funding high, buoyed by big real estate tech deals, including a $129M Series D to Singapore-based listing site PropertyGuru. Read about real estate tech trends.
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The 'Uber Effect' is crushing taxi medallion prices and spilling over into public markets

A NASDAQ-listed company is caught in the fallout caused by the rout in taxi medallion prices. Read about the "Uber Effect."
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