Expensive startups that went nowhere. CVCs rising. Wearables computing slump.
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4 of 10 US unicorns are likely to need to raise a round in the final 6 months of this year. Depending on how they fare in the latter half of the year, we'll know if the proverbial bubble has popped.

One headwind they will be facing is that the usual deep-pocketed investors for these unicorn financings are starting to slow down their activity. Mutual funds have already slowed down, and some of the most active of these crossover investors have shifted away from the US.

Don't stop, get it, get it

A few new additions to the already insane lineup at the Future of Fintech Conference.
  • Paypal, Chief Credit Risk Officer - Sean Rowles
  • NEA, General Partner - Ravi Viswanathan
  • Scotiabank, SVP Global Wholesale & Wealth Technology - Karl Abbott
Ticket rates go up again next week so register today.

Epic fail

We look at 92 of the most well-funded startup failures of all time.

The reasons for failure are varied, but a few common threads do emerge such as running out of money, inability to generate sustainable revenue, bad product-market fit, and losing to competitors.

Fun with numbers

I did not know this. Pretty cool.

CVCs rising

We analyzed corporate venture financing trends in recent years. Funding rose through much of 2015, reflecting the stepped-up presence of corporates, but we also saw a sharp year-end drop-off in 2015, mirroring the sentiment shift in the VC space as a whole.

Wearables cool down

We analyze the annual and quarterly trends in funding to wearable computing over the last five years. For much of 2015, funding to wearables startups was on track to fall to a five-year low, and annual funding totals have not budged much from those seen in 2012 and 2013.

Industry standard

CB Insights is the authority on emerging tech, venture capital, and startups. Here are some of the latest media articles featuring CB Insights data.

CNET. Max Taves (@maxtaves) interviews senior analyst Matt Wong (@mlcwong) about signs the on-demand economy might be dying.

Siliconbeat. In line with CB Insights data on the 2015 funding slowdown, Michelle Quinn (@michellequinn) reports that Silicon Valley’s “undertaker” has seen a pickup in business.

Knight Foundation. Matt Haggman (@matthaggman) shares his ideas on what Miami should do to support its startup community, citing CB Insights data on the declining costs of launching a tech company.

Modern Healthcare. Widespread consumer dissatisfaction with insurance providers has spurred increased interest in startups in the space, writes Bob Herman (@MHbherman), citing the latest CB Insights funding data.

Forward Compatibility. Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan) is tired of simplistic views of disruption, citing our now-famous Unbundling of a Bank infographic. He argues that startups and incumbents will have to work together.

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92 of the biggest, costliest startup failures of all time

From financial fraud to just running out money, we scanned our database to identify 92 of the most expensive startup flameouts in history. See the list.
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2015 investment hits fresh highs, but the year ends on a weak note

Corporations' venture capital arms participated in a record number of deals in 2015, but their investment pace slowed to a 7-quarter low in Q4'15. See the data.
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Investors cool on wearable computing startups, as deals crash by 20% in 2015

Wearable computing startups saw roughly the same amount of dollar funding in 2015 as they did in 2013. Read about it.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Machine creativity. Albert Wenger (@albertwenger) says machine-led creation might come about faster than we expect.


Startup mantra. Mark Suster (@msuster) says that best practice for startups is to hire fast and fire fast.
Both Sides of the Table

Onboard your board. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) says it is important to create an onboarding program for new employees as well as new board members.

What till the bank of the future look like? Taavet Hinrikus (@taavet) of TransferWise questions how the rise of fintech will affect banking.

Creating a tech community. Rob Nicholson has a few ideas about how to get a tech scene going in Sussex County, Delaware, and it all starts with techies who work remotely.

Soylent. Melia Robinson (@meliarobin) shares her experience with Soylent, and how her appreciation for the meal-replacement drink grew over time.
Tech Insider

Early startup pitches. Roy Bahat (@roybahat) of Bloomberg Beta says an early startup pitch might be more like a movie pitch than a business pitch.

Running a billion-dollar company with no offices or email. Glenn Leibowitz (@glennleibowitz) dives into conversation with Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), creator of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, who has a 400-person team that works largely from home and uses an internal blogging platform to avoid the use of email.
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