Google talks voice products. AI in energy. Tech isn't borderless.

Straight fire

Hi there,

Let's start with some wisdom from Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, whom I continue to be inspired by.

We previously wrote about the BS of founder narratives here.

Talk about it

Amazon is the clear leader in smart home voice products sales, but Google talks way more about voice and voice products. We analyzed earnings transcripts from top tech companies and found that Google mentions of "voice" jumped starting in 2016.

With half of searches expected to be conducted via voice by 2020, Google has some catching up to do. We look at this trend and more in our FAMGA earnings call transcript analysis

Fanboys gone wild

On Tuesday, we revealed a tweet that showed that Elon Musk hates us.

As soon as he tweeted at us, his fanboys and fangirls piled on. 

Below is my absolute favorite response.

No deal

Earlier this week, President Trump blocked Broadcom's proposed buyout of Qualcomm due to national security concerns. Both companies were ordered to immediately abandon the deal.

It's getting more and more difficult for the tech industry to keep behaving as though it is borderless. We discuss this and more in our 2018 Tech Trends Report.

Founder narrative 

Elizabeth Holmes had nailed the art of the founder narrative and founding story beautifully.

We revealed the guide to developing a great founding story before, but in case you don't remember, here is the format.

While [insert verb] [insert unexpected activity] in [insert unexpected location] after [insert prior job at prestigious firm or school], I realized [insert problem] and called [other credentialed person] and launched [insert company name] to [insert big verb] [insert industry or problem].

It seems hard, but in practice it looks like this:

With a bit of practice and perseverance, you too could be the next Elizabeth Holmes.

It is time.

Set yourself on fire.

How do you hail a flying taxi?

Kitty Hawk, the company financed by Google's Larry Page, has been testing a fully electric, self-piloting flying taxi in New Zealand. With the project out of stealth mode, Kitty Hawk hopes to lead a commercial network of flying taxis within 3 years.

We look into how drones will impact personal transportation and other industries. Read more here.

Feel the energy

Major energy companies are using AI to turn the huge amount of data produced by the energy industry into insights that can help improve productivity and cut costs.

From storage to energy consumption to failure management, we outline some of the main uses of AI in the energy industry.

Podcast: Bitcoin at $2,500???

Last Wednesday, the SEC declared cryptocurrencies to be securities, and therefore subject to regulation. It’s not the first jolt to the system for crypto.

This week’s podcast revisits one of the most popular sessions from last year’s Future of Fintech. Bitcoin was at $2,500 and a flash crash had rocked Ethereum investors.

Crypto billionaire Michael Novogratz talked about all of that, plus made a few predictions — like when regulators would start paying attention — in a conversation with CNBC’s Dominic Chu.

Listen here or on iTunes (CB Insights).


I don’t procrastinate, I won’t procrastinate

Get on your own good side.

With three months until June, we’re officially sold out of startup tickets for the Future of Fintech and have just 50% of our Corporate/VC/Research tickets remaining.

If you want to guarantee firsthand access to the world’s top fintech innovators and incumbents (Ripple, Fidelity, Ethereum, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs), buy your ticket today and get $500 off with code GOODSIDE.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Jas Saran lists four digital tips for analyzing startup idea viability and refers to CB Insights research.

Reuters. The article focuses on Walmart’s new patent for a drone-based farming system and quotes CB Insights senior retail analyst Zoe Leavitt (@zoe_leavitt).

Fast Company. Cale Guthrie Weissman (@caleweissman) reports that Amazon doesn’t seem to talk about its competition in earnings calls, citing CB Insights’ new FAMGA earnings call analysis.
Yahoo! Finance. JP Mangalindan (@jpmanga) writes about Uber doubling down on UberEats and quotes CB Insights intelligence analyst Natan Reddy (@natan_reddy).

I love you.


P.S. On March 20, we'll be discussing how blockchain technology shifts traditional thinking around digital identity. Register for the briefing here.

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