A farewell to startups. Disrupting IKEA. Life after craft beer.

Have you tried being nice?

Hi there,

Political arguments are not in short supply these days — Jesse Singal has some good tips and strategies for how to win. Here's one.

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My heart will go on

The harsh truth is, most startups fail. This year, we've seen some big names shutter their doors: the Kardashians' DASH stores, Ivanka Trump's self-named brand, and Gap-owned Weddington Way all closed up shop.

We rounded up the post-mortems for these companies and many others. Check them out here.

 9 future pharma unicorns

In our client-only note from Monday, we used the Business Social Graph on CB Insights to map the pharma investors who invested in the most billion-dollar exits.

We learned that among pharma investors, OrbiMed is killing it.

We also took the list of top pharma investors and identified their common portfolio companies.

And the result was our prediction on 9 future pharma unicorns — clients can view the list here.

Can't see the names in the image below? That's the point. Become a platform client.

Trim the fat

Greg McKeown wrote a piece for HBR about how success can actually be a catalyst for failure. Companies — and individuals — sometimes get a taste of success and pursue more.

This might sound like a positive thing, but having more options and more opportunities can lead to being scattered, or spreading yourself too thin. You start to lose sight of your goal.

How do you fight this? By actively pursuing less.

Move over, IKEA

Competition in the furniture space is heating up, putting pressure on traditional retailers like Heritage Home and Mattress Firm. 

We mapped out 60+ startups that are making moves in the space, with offerings from D2C dinnerware to customized 3D printed design planning to connected tables and more.

Do you even IPO?

Since 2017, Tencent has had more portfolio companies go public than any other investor — VC, PE, corporate, or otherwise.

And there's still more to come. Tencent holds a >20% stake in Meituan-Dianping, which is reportedly seeking to IPO for $60B+.

We compiled all of Tencent's IPO exits since the beginning of last year. Check them out here.

Facebook to publishers: IDGAF

Facebook’s global head of news partnerships Campbell Brown allegedly said the following in a meeting with Australian media executives earlier this week:

Folks in the media will hate on Facebook for this, but it's an honest answer. Journalism needs a real business model, and it's not Facebook's job to find one for them.

Read the full article in The Blurb below.

We dug into this in more detail in today’s client note, where we talked about BuzzFeed and the native advertising panacea that wasn't.  Clients can check it out here.

Buy u a (different) drank

Craft beer sales in the US grew by 5% last year, a big drop from the 13% growth rate in 2015. Brewers are talking about the trend on their earnings calls, and they're actively looking for opportunities beyond beer.

For example, Constellation, the maker of Corona and Modelo, just invested $4B into cannabis company Canopy Growth.

From cannabis-infused drinks to cider to kombucha, we take a look at what might be next for big brewers.

Coming at you live, with Technicolor

At next month’s CBI Councils meeting, we’ll take an inside look at what’s worked and what hasn’t during Technicolor’s transformation from color televisions and film processing to a world leader in services for the entertainment industry.

Want to join us at our September 5-6 meeting in NYC? If you’re a senior executive (SVP & up) at a $1B+ revenue company, apply to join us.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNN. Sherisse Pham (@sherisse) reports that Y Combinator is setting up its new China program and cites CB Insights data.

New York TImes. Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) writes about how mega-rounds have become commonplace and quotes CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal (@asanwal).

Forbes. Yue Wang (@yueyueyuewang) reports that Bytedance is said to be raising up to $3B, which would value the company at $70-75B, and references CB Insights data.

I love you.


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