Cannabis gold rush. VC pullback in Q1'16. German startups to watch.
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Barn burner

As expected, the Final Four matchup between Sequoia and A16Z is super competitive. Sequoia is currently leading by the smallest of margins
50.8% to 49.2%.

Voting closes April 24th.

Collision 2016 watch list

We created a public list of companies that will be at the Collision Conference this year, which starts April 26 in New Orleans. Using our platform, search "Collision Conference 4.26.2016" in our company lists to access it. The list is also available in Excel form on the "Research" tab under Analytics & Research.

BTW, several of us from CB Insights will be at Collision next week. Hopefully we can meet up.

The reason we need driverless vehicles... because humans are stupid. 

Maybe one of these 30 corporations working on autonomous vehicles can help. Besides making us safer, here are 13 industries driverless cars will impact (beyond automotive).

Aim high

Cannabis startups raised over $213M in 2015 as deals hit a new high in Q4’15. We highlight some of the various startup companies entering the cannabis market in the following graphic.

Down in the dumps

Despite seeing record investments to VC-backed companies in 2015, Q4'15 saw a dramatic drop in global funding and deals, and the slowdown continued in Q1'16. We analyzed the VC pullback and find the slack in deal count can be attributed to the drop-off in seed activity.

Wurst startups

Germany is home to a number of prominent startups and ranks fifth among the top countries in the number of tech exits in 2015. We highlight 11 early-stage German tech companies to keep an eye on across a variety of industries, from digital health to real estate tech to payments, and more.

American exceptionalism?

College debt wasn't enough for Americans. Now day care is more expensive than college in nearly 1/2 of US states.

Industry standard

CB Insights is the authority on emerging tech, venture capital, and startups. Here are some of the latest media articles featuring CB Insights and our data.

Mashable. Seth Fiegerman (@sfiegerman) spoke with Shuddle executives, investors and employees about the warning signs that preceded the company shutting down. His piece includes a chart of CB Insights on-demand funding data.

Shanghai Daily. Xinhua (@XHNews) reports on the Q1 Venture Pulse report by CB Insights and KPMG, which showed a decline in funding to Chinese companies.

LA Times. LA startups notched another slowdown in the first quarter. Paresh Dave (@peard33) cites data on fewer $1B companies from the Venture Pulse Report.

Tech Cocktail. Conor Cawley (@ConorCawley) debunks the myth that 8 of 10 startups fail within the first 18 months, citing CB Insights post mortems research on the most common causes of failure.

City A.M. DN Capital founder and CEO Nenad Marovac (@nenadmarovac) argues that we aren’t on the verge of another dot-com bust, giving examples from CB Insights Unicorn Tracker data.

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P.S. Our CPG webinar is coming up. It's gonna be good.


Cannabis startups across delivery, compliance, news, and more

As the marijuana legalization debate rages, deals to cannabis startups are hitting new highs. Investors active in the space include DCM, Founders Fund, as well as Casa Verde Capital, Snoop Dogg's cannabis-focused fund. See the market map.
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Global funding to startups continued to fall in Q1'16

The global venture capital pullback deepened in Q1'16, as investors dialed back deals and funding for a second-straight quarter. See the data.
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11 early-stage German tech startups that should be on your radar

We used CB Insights data to highlight 11 companies focused on real estate tech, digital health, analytics, and more. Salesforce Ventures and Accel are among their backers. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Bots and beyond. Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) and Connie Chan (@conniechan) pull apart various threads related to the topic of bots, mobile, and beyond.

The goal of communication is to be understood. Chris Yeh (@chrisyeh) says your responsibility goes beyond making the effort to state things clearly
it extends all the way to conveying the meaning of your words and confirming that your conversation partner has understood them.
Adventures in Capitalism

RIP 'me toos.' Niko Bonatsos (@bonatsos) believes founders need to give up the "Uber for X" concept and focus on more original inventions, ideas that could create new markets and enjoy infinite runway in terms of growth.
LinkedIn Pulse

Expand your focus beyond millennials. Millennials are the star consumers of the sharing economy today, but Tx Zhuo (@txzhuo) questions what happens once they have their own money.

Uber-Lyft battle. Christine Lagorio-chafkin (@lagorio) comments on the duopoly of the decade and how each company has very different visions for the future.

Hire people, not skills. David Cancel (@dcancel) says if you hire someone for skills alone, they may lose balance as the company grows, once those skills are no longer as central or get placed into a different context.

The remarkable advantage of abundant thinking. Katie Verresen expands upon the idea of abundant thinking, a mindset that gives you the creative agency and grit to reach your vision.
First Round Review

Intro to startup metrics. Alex Iskold (@alexiskold) dives into the basic framework for metrics and KPIs.
Alex Iskold

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