Tech that knows your face. Grocery war prompts new patents. NASA's got a lot of cash.
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Time to buy Facebook?

Hi there,

Google wants to be in your bathroom.

It's not nearly as creepy as it sounds.

It might actually save your life.

A patent from Google highlights its ambition to put sensors in your bathroom that might reveal cardiovascular health issues, improve heart health, and alert medical professionals.

Public company execs cry me a river

When public co bigwigs are talking to Wall Street, they're 3 - 4x more likely to talk about headwinds their business is facing than tailwinds that might be helping them, as our earnings transcript search engine highlights.

If you are a paying CB Insights client with access to earnings transcript search, you can run and modify this search here.  And also see who is saying headwinds the most (hint: industrial companies).

I've just seen a face

Startups are helping the Chinese government add artificial intelligence to its surveillance techniques. Facial recognition tech is already used for ID purposes in places like train stations — now companies like LLvision are creating AI-enabled smart glasses to help authorities spot criminals.

We take a look at the computer vision startups receiving the most funding — including Face++ — in part 1 of our China in AI series.

Buying the dip?

Several Wall Street analysts think that the worst of the media outrage and politician requests for Zuckerberg's head are behind us.

And so many are suggesting you can buy the dip.

Here's the 1 month stock chart for Facebook from CB Insights highlighting the ~$25 drop in Facebook stock over the last 30 days.

What do you think? Are you buying the dip?

Vote on Twitter here.

The grocery war wages on

Amazon's tightening grip on the grocery industry is forcing grocers and retailers to reevaluate their businesses — and their alliances. Target and Kroger are trying to decide if a merger is their best option moving forward.

Walmart is also pushing further into the space. Here we look into a recent patent application, which highlights a system that lets customers view and approve 3D images of fresh goods before buying them online.

Funding for the final frontier

Late last week, the US government signed a $1.3T spending bill that is especially kind to NASA. Almost all of NASA's programs are getting a funding boost, and the agency is even getting money that it didn't ask for.

Got space FOMO? We look into the state of space travel — and how to get space-like experiences here on Earth — here.

Pod: Strangers in a car

Waze founder & CEO Noam Bardin says we’re running out of ways to deal with traffic. His favorite is carpooling. Last week, Waze expanded its carpooling app to cover Washington State, its fourth market in addition to Texas, California, and Israel.

Hear what else Noam told us in December about that carpooling app and much more in this week’s podcast (or find us on iTunes CB Insights).

Future of Fintech speaker alert

Yes, more big name speakers are joining us at the Future of Fintech June 19-21.

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO & co-founder of Ellevest, is a big Wall Street name. Best known as leader of Citi and Bank of America’s Wealth Management groups, now she’s disrupting wealth management with her platform focused on closing the investing gender gap.

Catherine Bessant, COO & CTO at Bank of America ($2.28T in assets), is squarely at the center of the fintech strategy for America’s second-largest bank. Look forward to hearing how BofA, as the biggest of big incumbents is leveraging tech.

Save $500 off your ticket using code trillions. Prices are going up April 1.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

New York Times. Matt Phillips (@matthewphillips) reports that Dropbox’s public market debut was stronger than expected and cites CB Insights unicorn data.
Financial Times. Louise Lucas (@louiseflucas) writes about China’s focus on facial recognition tech and refers to CB Insights research.
Fast Company. Rina Raphael (@rrrins) highlights Joylux, a startup that focuses on women’s sexual wellness, and cites CB Insights femtech research.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


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The Blurb

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