Quantum computing explained. The LA venture scene. Google strategy teardown.

Kids these days

Hi there,

Yesterday, we launched the AI 100 to recognize the 100 most promising private artificial intelligence companies globally. We will be unveiling the AI100 companies at The Innovation Summit in January where we will be digging into AI's impacts on financial services, healthcare, and retail.

Let me Google that for you

At 7,000+ words, this is our longest research brief ever.

We just completed our first ever strategy teardown for Google (Alphabet).

If you want to understand any company's strategy, the best way to do that is not by listening to what their senior execs say but by looking at where they are allocating resources.

So we dug into our data on Google's patents, investments, acquisitions, research initiatives, and media chatter to give you a view into where Google (Alphabet) is going.

Airbnb in the house

Super excited that the chief economist of Airbnb, Peter Coles, will be joining us at The Innovation Summit. Peter was formerly head economist at eBay and before that he was a professor at Harvard Business School.

We'll dig into topics like marketplace design and strategy and ways to reduce friction in marketplaces.

A killer lineup of speakers is getting even better.

And btw, Airbnb is now worth more than Starwood/Marriott and Hyatt

Enlightened self-interest

We frequently get asked "how do we get featured in the newsletter?

(Note: don't email me random Medium posts asking to be featured)

As the newsletter grows (206,500 now), those requests have intensified.  

We told investors that it was pretty easy. Give us/update your data via The Editor, and we'll give you a shout. And so lots and lots of firms have taken us up on that offer. We'll be highlighting them over time.

Here are a few:

  • Eight Roads Ventures led in a $17.5M Series B round closed by WHILL and a $10M Series A round closed by Universal Avenue. MTG, a digital entertainment group, has entered into an agreement to acquire 35% of InnoGames, a global online games developer and publisher, from Eight Roads Ventures and the company’s founders.
  • SparkLabs Global Ventures invested in Soundwave and, both of which were acquired earlier this year. Bernard Moon, co-founder and general partner, penned a post on what’s trending in the IoT space.
  • Chicago Ventures participated in Series A investments to G2 Crowd and Ezra Galston, VC at the firm, shares a post about the comeback of the concierge economy.

What's your dad do?

At school, my daughter was asked to write down what I do.

She wrote that I was an "auto printer."

Translation: entrepreneur

Being an auto printer sounds way more bad@$$.

2 legit 2 qubit

In the following brief, we dive into what you need to know about quantum computing. The nascent industry saw more than 100% growth in dollar investments last year, as well as notable increases in the number of investors and startups in the space.


La la land

In this guest post, Samir Kaji (@samirkaji) of First Republic Bank dives into the LA venture scene using CB Insights data with a focus on exit activity throughout the area.


The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

The Wall Street Journal. Dan Gallagher (@djtgallagher) writes about Fortinet's decision to lower its third-quarter forecast and cites CB Insights data on investment to the cybersecurity space.

The Boston Globe. Deirdre Fernandes (@fernandesglobe) writes about the $23M raised by insurance startup EverQuote Inc. and references CB Insights funding data.

Fast Company. Ruth Reader (@ruthreader) digs into the ClassPass model and quotes CB Insights tech industry analyst Zoe Leavitt (@zoe_leavitt) on the difficulties activity subscriptions startups face.

Have a great rest of the week. 

I love you.


P.S. We'll be diving deep into the acquisition, investment, and research strategy of units cross the Googleplex. Join us on October 25th.

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