Founder bracket Round 2 match-ups. Digital health market map. Ed tech investment.
Vegans — no. Vegetarians — yes.

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Want to be the next Silicon Valley? Perhaps you need to focus on getting more vegetarian restaurants?

Round 1 results are in - Founder/Exec bracket

Round 1 of our Founder/Exec bracket has concluded with just over 80k votes. 

Round 2 features several battles between titans. A few that the CB Insights team is most excited about include:
  • Travis Kalanick vs. Jack Ma
  • Reed Hastings vs. Larry Ellison
  • Jeff Weiner vs. Peter Thiel
  • Steve Jobs vs. Salman Khan

Voting for round 2 ends on October 16th. Make your picks now.


Thanks Obama

Google leads corporations and industry organizations in meetings at the White House.

Healthy outcomes

Digital health is on track for a record year with $7.2B in funding to private companies in the space. We identified 80+ private digital health companies changing the way specialist referrals are made, hospital rooms cleaned, and patient data collected, among many other approaches.

Colleague conflict

29% of 18-29 year olds have discovered information on social media that has lowered their opinion of a colleague.

Class pass

In Q1’16, ed tech investment dropped to a four-year low. If funding continues at its current pace, 2016 will snap the sector’s four-year growth streak. We look at financing trends on a quarterly and annual basis and note some of the biggest deals of the year.

I spy

Proactive defense and predicting future threats are the new areas being emphasized in the cybersecurity industry. We used our Mosaic algorithm, which tracks the health of private companies, to identify 21 early-stage cybersecurity startups to watch.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNBC. Berkeley Lovelace Jr. (@Blovelace_Jr) talks about the race among corporates like Google and Apple to buy AI companies, citing CB Insights' recent research brief.

Crain's New York Business. Cara Eisenpress (@EisenPress) on VCs' recent interest in food startups, with reference to CB Insights data on food startup funding in New York City.

The Street.
Tony Owusu (@TonyTheStreet) writes about the glut of education technology that schools can now choose from and notes CB Insights data on funding to ed tech startups.

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Which founder/executive do you admire most?

View the match-ups and cast your vote. Round 2 ends October 16th.
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Ed tech investment stays flat through Q3'16

This year, deals and dollars are on track to see their first annual declines in four years. See the data.
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80+ companies reinventing medicine in one infographic

We identified companies changing how patient care is delivered and how medical professionals communicate. Read the research brief.
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21 early-stage cybersecurity companies to watch

Cybersecurity funding is tightening. We highlight notable early-stage companies that are gathering momentum. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

The people profession. Mark Suster (@msuster) says entrepreneurs should have the insights. VCs should be the "chief psychologists."
Both Sides Of The Table

When hard work pays off. Fred Wilson (
@FredWilson) on his experience raising his most challenging fund, USV 2004, and why it ended up being a top-performer.

Sliding doors. 
Polina Marinova (@polina_marinova) rounds up VCs' stories of the startups they passed on that went on to be huge hits, from PayPal to Apple to Uber.

Smaller float. 
Connie Loizos (@cookie) explains why the recent spate of successful IPOs from Coupa, Nutanix, and Apptio doesn't mean exits are getting easier.

Pitch learnings. Elizabeth Yin (
@dunkhippo33) talks about what she's learned after seeing 20,000 pitches. Speed and differentiation matter. Referrals don't.

VR future.
Dean Takahashi (@deantak) talks to Presence Capital cofounder Amitt Mahajan about how VR financing trends are changing and references CB Insights.
Venture Beat

Up in space. Maya Pope-Chappell (@mayaj) of LinkedIn talks to STEMBoard cofounder and former NASA engineer Aisha Bowe.

Vetted. M25 lays out how the VC firm conducts due diligence, noting that the amount and intensity of due diligence should be in proportion to the size of a deal.
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