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Rich people are just like you and me

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Last week, we revealed the Artificial Intelligence 100 at The Innovation Summit. We reviewed over 1,600 AI companies to come up with the AI100 (6% made it).

If you want to view all the companies, leave notes on them, or filter them by whether they are focused on healthcare, finance, core AI, or other technology/market tags, you can do that by cloning the AI100 Collection on CB Insights.

Clipart inspiration

Need a good image for that deck on innovation and disruption and don't want to use a light bulb or picture of a dude looking at a complex whiteboard?  

Might I recommend the below image to make your point?

It's reigning investment

We look at the ten most active sovereign wealth funds — government owned investment vehicles — investing in private tech companies over the last seven years. France’s Banque publique d’investissement, or Bpifrance, tops the list, followed by 
Singapore's Temasek Holdings.

Side hustle

I read the following about Bernie Madoff this weekend.

Dude is a hustler.

International highs

We look at how deal flow to cannabis startups is distributed internationally, as well as within the US and Canada. The US commands the large majority of global deal share to cannabis companies, at 84% of deals between 2012-2016.

Reason #73 for why it's awesome to be rich

People listen to your nonsensical, fraudulent intellectuality.

Case in point: Peter Thiel.

(see The Blurb for the article)

Techflix and chill

For founders seeking to build the future, here's a little inspiration from Hollywood. We put together a list, by category, of standout tech films worth catching up on in 2017. Below you can find opening box office numbers to see where your favorite films stack up.

The James Bond of philanthropy

I recently read about Charles F. Feeney (see Blurb for article) and how he has quietly contributed $8B (with a B) to philanthropic efforts over time. This is an amazing man.

Winter isn't coming

Mark Suster sat down in conversation about the private market space and VC investment at our Innovation Summit last week. He mentioned that a number of factors have helped sustain the market and that they will continue to boost the market going forward.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNET. Erin Carson (@erincarson) reports on the state of venture capital in 2016 and references the CB Insights and PwC 2016 MoneyTree Report.

Forbes. Niall McCarthy (@uisceglas) on the top sectors for US investment dollars over the last 20 years with a reference to the CB Insights and PwC 2016 MoneyTree Report.

Matt Turck. Matt Turck (@mattturck) clarifies concepts and offers practical tips for startups looking to figure out whether they can make money by selling their data to Wall Street, and references CB Insights research on alternative data sources.

Deal Street Asia. Edward Robinson on Temasek's investment to UK online lender Funding Circle with a mention of CB Insights investment data.

New York Business Journal. Anthony Noto writes about Q4'16 deal activity in New York City and refers to the CB Insights and PwC 2016 MoneyTree Report.

Hope you had a terrific Tuesday.

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P.S. Join us tomorrow as we dive into the rise of the cannabis industry. Sign up for the briefing here.

Where the world’s ten most active sovereign wealth funds invest in tech

The Middle East is home to 3 sovereign wealth funds among the top ten most active in tech since 2010. Read about it.
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US commands majority of deals to cannabis startups

The US accounted for 84% of global deal share to cannabis companies between 2012-2016, with Canada coming in second at 13%. See the data.
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39 tech films to thrill and inspire

From Avatar and Arrival to the Matrix, Robocop, and Tron, sci-fi movies often inspire the next generation of tech creators. See the list.
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Upfront's Mark Suster: The next couple years will be very good for VCs

Increased foreign investment and the rise of corporate VCs will help boost private market investing. Read about it.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Trump's tech pal explains himself. In this interview, Peter Thiel explains his decision to buck the conventional wisdom in tech circles and Silicon Valley, and support Trump.
New York Times

'James Bond of philanthropy.' Jim Dwyer (@jimdwyernyt) writes about Charles F. Feeney, an American businessman and philanthropist, who contributed a great proportion of his wealth to his philanthropies, mostly in complete secrecy.

New York Times

Magic. Julian Moncada (@julianmoncadany) describes his experience using Snapchat's spectacles and what makes them "magical."

Why media companies need to tool up or get left behind. An interview with Paul Berry (@teamreboot), ex-CTO and co-founder of the Huffington Post, on how he got to where he is with his startup RebelMouse and where they're going next.

The sound of silence. Jessica Livingston (@jesslivingston) on the downside of sharing thoughts publicly.
Founders at Work

So you want to start a VC firm? Samir Kaji (@samirkaji) continues to believe the Micro-VC boom to be a significant net-positive to the industry, regardless of how crowded or touristy it may feel now. 

When it makes sense. Lee Hower (@leehower) shares questions a startup should ask when contemplating strategic investment from a corporation.
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