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Data is everywhere around us, so today, we're sharing some great song lyrics in graph form. For more of these, follow us on Instagram.

First up, a pie chart we actually like.

Now for some more CB Insights data and data viz.

Flipkart funding

Since 2012, the top ten rounds in India's startup ecosystem have all been mega-rounds (worth $100M+). These ten rounds are split across five startups, with e-commerce site Flipkart snagging half of the spots on the top 10 list. 

Ruff Ryders graph

A breakdown of DMX's "Party Up":


我们利用 CB Insights 的数据分析了亚洲的独角兽企业的投资情况。

We used CB Insights data to look at investments into Asia's unicorns

This is our first research brief in Chinese. What do you think?

If you'd like to see more research in Chinese, let us know. And please do share on Chinese social media :)

Another brick in the wall

From Marriott opening its first modular hotel to tech giants like Alphabet investing in modular housing, offsite construction methods are gaining traction. We profiled 14 offsite construction tech startups transforming the industry. 

On-demand deals 

In a reversal from slowing investment over the last several quarters, on-demand companies saw a resurgence in both deals and dollar funding last quarter. What's driving the increase to on-demand companies? We dig in. 


I'm up all night.

The Industry Standard 

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. A recent episode of the Bloomberg Markets podcast looks at VC fintech investment trends, with a reference to CB Insights funding data. 

Reuters. A look at the trend of biotech companies increasingly moving from cities to suburbs, with a reference to CB Insights pharmaceutical industry data. 

New York Times. Katie Benner (@ktbenner) covers the Uber-Benchmark controversy with a quote from CB Insights co-founder Anand Sanwal. 

Bloomberg. Matthew Boyle (@bizboyle) reports on Walmart and Amazon's drones patents and cites CB Insights Walmart patent data

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P.P.S. For more music lyrics in graph form, check us out on Instagram.
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Flipkart has raised 5 of the 10 largest rounds to India tech startups 

The ten biggest rounds closed in the Indian tech ecosystem since 2012 were split across five companies. E-commerce site Flipkart took five spots. See the list.
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我们利用 CB Insights 的数据分析了亚洲的独角兽企业的投资情况。 
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Piece by piece: 14 offsite construction companies transforming the building industry

Modular construction and prefabrication are allowing construction companies to achieve efficiencies across the building value chain, integrate sustainable practices, and combat urban sprawl. See the list
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Propelled by mega-rounds, funding to on-demand startups hits all-time high

Chinese ride-hailing unicorn Didi Chuxing received a $5.5B round last quarter, while other on-demand startups Go-JEK,, and Lyft also raised $500M+ mega-rounds. See the data
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

No service. Chris Morris (@MorrisatLarge) lists all the companies — from Cloudflare to PayPal to Airbnb — that have actively refused service to hate groups like The Daily Stormer and the KKK. 

Bitcoin gold mine. Zheping Huang (@pingroma) and Joon Ian Wong (@joonian) on Ordos, the Inner Mongolia town that's home to one of the world's major bitcoin mining pools. 

Nostalgia sells. Naomi Schanen (@naomi_schanen) reports on retro Japanese gaming shops, where items like Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match gold can go for $18,000. 

No more coddling. Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) on why the era of "founder-friendly" startup investing is over. 

Bro culture. Mylea Charvat (@MyleaCharvat), CEO of Savonix, writes about the challenges she's faced in trying to cultivate an inclusive workplace culture. 
LinkedIn Pulse

Single take. Photographer Robert McIntosh created an impressive one-take aerial shot using a tiny drone, a stripped-down GoPro, and stabilization software. 
The Awesomer

850. Suzanne Wolley (@WealthWatch) on how more Americans are getting a perfect credit score.

Turn around, bright eyes. Bonnie Tyler will be singing her 1980s hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during the eclipse today. 
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