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Cheaters never win


Here is some scandalous isht.

it's not that scandalous but for us data nerds, it is.

Someone wrote a script for our Series A bracket and voted 20,000 times today. We're stripping those votes out of the results of course, but I wanted to say that we're honored.

BTW, in more serious ranking news, our first ever VC Power Rankings are below. The Power Rankings are VC general partners rating their VC peers
. Check it out.

Investor rush into AI

Deal activity in artificial intelligence hit record highs with 24 deals in Q4'15. The trend continued in Q1’16, with deals reaching a 5-year quarterly high, and passing the 25-deal threshold.


I was texting a friend about our IIoT event next week (Industrial Internet of Things), and I learned that "iiot" autocorrects to "idiot." Wanted to share that.

And yes — my friends and I text about the internet of things. Don't judge.

Do you like dinero with less work?

If you are in BD selling IT services or SaaS, we just integrated Tech Stack data into CB Insights and this will be a game-changer for you. 

As an example, if you are selling a marketing automation software and want to know who has raised $10M and uses Salesforce, you can now do that.

Or if you sell IT services and want to know who uses Python, we got your back.

Check it out.

Supermarket sweep

Nearly 81% of the deals over the last five years in the CPG sector went to companies manufacturing and distributing food and beverages.

We look at the food and beverage category in the US, and identify 11 early-stage companies to watch in this sector.

Seed VC website generator

BTW, ChubbyBrain Ventures is looking for ordinary founders working on incremental ideas. We'd love to hear from you.

Someone is taking this bracket a bit too seriously

No need to write a script to vote for yourself again and again. Just vote in our Series A bracket fair and square.

Industry standard

CB Insights is the authority on emerging tech, venture capital, and startups. Here are some of the latest media articles featuring CB Insights and our data.

NY Times. A fintech special section today features an interview with CB Insights senior analyst Matt Wong (@mlcwong) as well as our data. Leslie Picker (@LesliePicker) analyzes how investors are evaluating fintech companies, and Alexandra Stevenson (@jotted) has an update on hedge funds: the new venture firms.

Independent. Adrian Weckler (@adrianweckler) points to the CB Insights Downround Tracker in this analysis of the funding climate in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Redpoint. VC Lenny Pruss (@lennypruss) offers a ray of light amid fears of a slowdown, using CB Insights data to show dev-native companies are faring well.

The Deal. Chris Nolter reports on media company valuations that have come to light in part due to Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, citing research by CB Insights.

BusinessBecause. Fintech is a top MBA career path in finance, writes Seb Murray (@sebastian_sea22) with CB Insights data on funding to payments startups.

VC Power Rankings

We asked general partners at VCs who they'd invest in if they were an LP. Here's the results of our first-ever Venture Capital Power Rankings.

I love you (except the person who wrote the script).


P.S. I put the wrong link in yesterday for our Industrial Internet of Things webinar. Sorry. Here is the right one.


New high in deals to artificial intelligence startups in Q1'16

Over 25 companies raised equity funding rounds in the last quarter. Deal activity was up 7x from Q1'11. See the data.
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11 early-stage US food and beverage startups

New York-based early-stage accelerator, AccelFoods, seed-funded 6 of the companies on the list. See the companies.
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VCs rate VCs

We asked VCs who they thought the best VCs were. Here are the results of the first-ever VC peer ranking. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Entrepreneur struggles. Camille Sweeney (@_camillesweeney) and Josh Gosfield (@joshgosfield) write about a struggling pediatrician who reshapes himself into an entrepreneur and builds a healthcare powerhouse.

Who should social entrepreneurs raise money from? Dr. Malpani (@drmalpani) says there is a new breed of social impact investors, some of whom are willing to accept a lower financial ROI provided that the entrepreneur can meet his/her mission.
LinkedIn Pulse

How early-stage startups can enlist the right amount of security. Here's how Box's (@boxhq) Michael Graham helps startups approach security at each growth stage.
First Round Review

Poor writing skills are costing businesses billions. Kaleigh Moore (@kaleighf) shares that $3.1B is being spent annually on remedial writing training.

Startup valuation. Michael Blake, founder at Arpeggio Advisors, says using the guideline public company (GPC) method is a reliable way to value startups.

Self-driving cars. From moving to the suburbs to sharing cars, Boris Wertz (@bwertz) questions how self-driving cars will change human behavior and society
Version One VC

Changes. Jeffrey Carter (@pointsnfigures) provides advice on how companies can prepare for and survive near death experiences.
Points and Figures

The reality of breaking into startups. Ruben Harris (@rubenharris) shares his experience with entering the startup world, forming relationships, and developing a solid support system.

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