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The Coaches Poll

Hi there,

What VC firm would fellow VCs rate as the best?

We're going to find out soon.

Over the course of the next few days, general partners across several hundred VC funds will be sent a poll asking them to rank the top 25 funds against the simple question "Who is the best VC today?"

We're modeling this on the college football coaches' poll where a panel of coaches are asked to rank the best teams. Replace coaches with VC partners and teams with VC firms, and bada-bing, we have our first ever "Venture Capital Power Rankings."

If you're a GP, stay tuned...

The rise of the rest

Outside of your major VC hubs of Cali, NY, and Massachusetts, there is a lot going on. In fact, almost $15 billion has been invested in tech companies in the other 47 states and Washington DC.

Measuring innovation

Last week in San Francisco, I presented on the topic of how corporations can innovate faster by understanding and working with startups.

Of course, I remain dumbfounded by some corporations (and economists) who continue to use vanity metrics to measure innovation as evidenced below.

Fin tech focus

15 of the 18 fin tech unicorns are in payments or lending.

BTW, insurance is the next big area of fin tech.

Paint-by-numbers success

Don't rich people just give the best advice? The wealthy & powerful folks at Davos provided a handy list of 14 things successful people do before breakfast.

And they'll only take 3.5+ hours every AM.

Stalking Sequoia Capital's BFFs

We launched a new investor-acquirer search to make identifying and building investor and M&A target lists dumb simple.

Now, you can quickly see who Sequoia does the most Series A deals with.

A trickle of real estate tech IPOs

There have been three real estate tech IPOs since 2014, including Zoopla's $1.6B IPO in the UK.

The Grand Finale - Domo v Airbnb 

It's down to the wire folks and today is the last day in our Unicorn bracket. Identify the most undervalued unicorn. Vote now.


Love ya.

P.S. Excited to see a bunch of you in London tomorrow for our fin tech briefing.


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Rise of the rest: New tech hubs across US seeing $15B+ in annual startup investing

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15 of the 18 fin tech unicorns are in payments or lending

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