Chinese internet giants balk at M&A in US. Seed activity in US tech drops. Digital health in 2016.
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Peak everything

Hi there,

Oil is now cheaper than milk and coffee. Who'd have thought?

So much for peak oil.

China's big 3

Over the last five years, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent have completed over 50 investments into US-based startups. Despite their funding binge, these Chinese internet giants have been much quieter on the US-based acquisition front.

Not this again

Some oldie but not so goodie startup ideas are becoming popular these days.
  • Uber for private jets
  • Get free stuff (phones, cars, etc) if you agree to watch ads
  • Group buying services
  • Startups that offer data & products exclusively to other startups
We are clearly hitting peak startup.

Seed deals drop

Despite the rise of both micro VCs and multi-stage firms at the seed-stage, seed activity in the US tech sector fell back in 2015.

Clinkle: a differing perspective

In June 2013, Clinkle, a payments startup, founded by a 19 year old Stanford student raised $25 million in a seed round from a who's who of Silicon Valley VCs.

Since then, it's been a disaster
exec departures, employee complaints, product pivots, etc. And it's become a laughing stock of sorts within startup/VC/media circles.

Jason Del Ray of ReCode offered a contrarian perspective on the Clinkle mess.

What do you think?

2 for 1 deal?

I received a resume this past week from someone who said he enjoys working with his significant other and will only consider opportunities where both of them are hired.


We've hit peak entitlement.

Health is wealth

Digital health startups attracted $5.8B in funding in 2015, and deal activity to the space jumped 20%. With 2016 underway, we highlight some of the trends that will shape this industry in the coming months.


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Google's rising investments and partnerships in insurance tech

Google is intensifying its investments and partnerships in the insurance tech space, including three separate health benefits investments in 2015. See the data.
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Chinese internet giants are big investors, but not acquirers when it comes to US startups

Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent have invested in over 25 times as many US startups as they've acquired since 2011. See the data.
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US tech seed deal activity drops in 2015

US tech seed deals dropped 5% from 2014's multi-year high as prolific seed firms including Google Ventures slowed down. Read about US tech seed deal activity.
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8 digital health startup and investment trends we're watching in 2016

Funding will shift overseas, corporate activity and partnerships will increase, and more trends looking forward to the rest of 2016. Read about health tech.
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