Poor exits. Travel tech boom. Decline in acquihires.
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Fire sales
 $50M and nothing to show for it

Last week's article on former unicorn Good Technology's demise prompted us to look into other well-funded startups that exited for less than they raised. The number of "down exits" is increasing


As the father of a little girl, this comment by Mark Zuckerberg was pretty money. Well done.

Around the world in 80 days

Travel tech startups are becoming increasingly popular as they take on lodging, consumer booking, fare alerts and more. With US and China dominating, we look at travel financing trends globally.

Acquihirers slow their roll

2013 and 2014 were the apex of the acquihire trend where companies were snatched up for their talent. But the acquihire is now dying. We look at the demise of the acquihire  Silicon Valley's startup severance package — and feature perspectives and commentary by Mark Suster, Jason Lemkin, Sarah Frier, and Selina Wang.

The Most Trusted

As the authority on private company, venture, and emerging tech trends data, we see the media using our data & analytics in lots of interesting ways. Here's a few from the last few days:

- Alex Barinka and Eric Newcomer dig into the IPO prospects for 2016 for tech companies and highlight that valuations may not be pretty

The Wall Street Journal - Rick Carew and Juro Osawa use our China venture data to discuss the headwinds facing Chinese startups and the mergers with rivals that many are contemplating. (subscription required)

American Banker
- Bryan Yurcan and Robert Barba dig into our fin tech data and discuss how banks will respond to threats to their business.

Financial Times
- Richard Waters and Nicole Bullock dig into the chasm that exists between public and private funding to tech companies. (subscription required)

A friendly reminder that we are in year 6 of the tech bubble. Be careful out there.

Bubble or not, I still love you.


P.S. Hire a chef, wear jeans to work, and get an Xbox. Corporate innovation unlocked.

How BMW, Audi, GM, and the rest of big auto are betting on startups

With GM's recent $500M investment in Lyft, see where the rest of the auto industry is placing their bets.
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CB Insights Top Deal Searches

CB Insights users can query our database in powerful ways. See a few below or sign up:


How many startups sell for less than they raise?

As the New York Times' analysis of once high-flying unicorn Good Technology showed, some exits are busts. Read about poor VC-backed exit outcomes.
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Travel tech deals surge in India, though the US and China still dominate funding

India surpassed China for travel tech startup deal activity in 2015, but China receives more dollars thank to larger deals. See the data.
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The end of the acquihire

Silicon Valley's "severance package" for startups fell out of favor in 2015 as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Dropbox eased up on acquihires. Read about the slow down of acquihirers.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

The power of data network effects. Matt Turck (@mattturck) of FirstMark discusses data network effects when a product, generally powered by machine learning, becomes smarter and the profound influence it has on building a business.

Scaling Bitcoin: the great block size debate. Brian Armstrong
(@brian_armstrong), cofounder and CEO of Coinbase, dives into scaling bitcoin and how bigger blocks will affect decentralization.

Debt as a way to finance a startup. Angel investor Jeffrey Carter of Points and Figures
(@pointsandfigures) delves into the risky business of debt financing.  
Point and Figures

What VCs want in your startup's pitch. Ed Zimmerman (@EdGrapeNutZimm) gathers insights on how to successfully nail a pitch.

Govtech: the $400B market hiding in plain sight. Ron Bouganim (@ronboug), founder and managing partner of Govtech Fund, discusses the implementation of new technologies by governments around the world that are paving way for huge returns in the govtech startup space
Govtech Fund

Rob Lloyd: transportation, transformed. CEO Rob Lloyd (@rob_lloyd) on how Hyperloop Technologies hopes to win the race toward making hyper-speed travel a reality. 

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