The future of dining. AI's top patents. Blockchain bounces back.
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Yummy: Millennial blood

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If you're eating breakfast, stop eating until you've read this whole newsletter. It might save your life.

But first.

Since we started CB Insights, there have been two constants.

  • People are always predicting we're in a tech bubble
  • Cities, states, and nations everywhere are trying to become the next Silicon Valley
On point 1, pundits have been saying we're in a tech bubble since 2009. It's a great thing to write about if you want to build your personal brand with minimal effort or insight.

On point 2, this is something many geographies breathlessly advertise when a few startups have some success. But to date, Silicon Valley has maintained its leadership on the innovation front.

But one thing that could derail The Valley is a widespread failure of California. And this is what respected political expert and historian Fabio is predicting. 


The future of dining

To better visualize the emerging restaurant tech startup scene, we put together an infographic highlighting over 100 startups and the parts of the restaurant they target.

Incumbent financial services' millennial strategy

Big banks, payments companies, and insurance firms are all jones'ing for some of that millennial blood.

But candidly, none of them have really figured out how to attract them.

The New Yorker nails the basic non-strategy of incumbents.

While the incumbents fumble, a host of insurgent fintech startups have had success acquiring millennial customers.

You can learn how they've done it at The Future of Fintech directly from the CEOs and co-founders of:

  • Robinhood
  • Acorns
  • Betterment
  • Nubank 
  • Lemonade
Don't keep fumbling the millennial opportunity.

Use the code millennialblood to get $1000 off your Future of Fintech ticket until Wed, May 3rd and learn how insurgents are attracting millennials.

AI's top patent holders

We analyzed the patent application activity of over 1,150 active AI startups. One of the top patent holders in the United States is Israel-based image processing startup Cortica, whose 38 granted patents include methods for “deep content classification.”

Put down the hashbrowns and step away slowly

If hashbrowns are part of your breakfast this AM, be careful.

We realize this has nothing to do with technology trends, startups or VC, but sharing is caring.

Blockchain bounces back

We look at financing trends to blockchain startups since 2012. Of note, Q1’17 saw blockchain startup investment deals rise for the third consecutive quarter, while funding rebounded after a three-quarter drop.

Euro highs

We look at European fintech investment since 2012. Compared to Q4’16, Europe fintech funding rose 222% in Q1’17, while deals jumped 74%.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Observer. Brady Dale (@bradydale) writes about CB Insights' most innovative consumer product bracket and mentions the Tesla Reddit thread that encourages users to vote for Tesla.

Mashable. Manish Singh (@refsrc) writes about Amazon's bets in India and references CB Insights' Amazon Strategy Teardown.

Forbes. A report on ad tech startups feeling the pressure to sell with a reference to CB Insights funding data.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. We are giving out a select number of press passes to the Future of Fintech conference. If you're with a media outlet and interested in a press pass, please fill out this press pass form.
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Over 99 startups reinventing the restaurant in one infographic

Startups have raised nearly $2.5B to integrate digital features into nearly every aspect of restaurant operations. See the market map.
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Cortica, Numenta hold top patents in artificial intelligence

We analyzed over 1,150 active AI startups and found that only 11% have been granted at least one patent in the United States since 2009. Check it out.
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Blockchain startup investment bounces back

Q1'17 saw blockchain startup deals rise for the third consecutive quarter. See the data.
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Europe sees major spike in fintech startup investment

Europe fintech investment is on track for a record year after racking up $667M across 73 deals in Q1'17. Read about it.
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