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I'm drunk'ish

Hi there,

The Future of Fintech just wrapped up so the team and I are drinking now to celebrate.

BTW, things got a bit crazy a couple of nights ago. Thank you to NYC's finest for helping us.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in NYC for an amazing few days. And to the CB Insights team for putting it all together. I'm so happy to be working with all of you.

If you didn't attend, check the #FutureFintech hashtag on Twitter and Instagram so you can see all the knowledge and fun you missed out on.

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Smart home market map

We identified 60 private companies in smart home technologies and mapped them according to 13 main categories in which they operate.

Pie charts made of wood swatches

This pie chart is made of wood swatches.
This pie chart has a 50+ slices.

Please stop this isht.

Thanks to Lachlan Clough for highlighting this monstrosity.

Out with the old

A number of cybersecurity companies are emerging to offer up novel solutions to age-old cyber threats. We look at 4 different cyber threats and detail the shift from old-school approaches to new-school approaches which leverage AI.

Future of Fintech talk

See what our Future of Fintech panelists had to say about topics ranging from IPOs to algorithmic trading to industry regulation, and more:

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

TechCrunch. Ryan Lawler (@ryanlawler) reports on Kenneth Lin's discussion of Credit Karma's revenue at the Future of Fintech.

Bloomberg. Saijel Kishan on the need for humans in investment management with a reference to data found in the CB Insights State of Automation report.

BostInno. A look at the state of fintech in Boston with a mention of CB Insights research on where US banks are investing in fintech.

Forbes. John Koetsier (@johnkoetsier) says smart robots put 10.5 million US jobs at high risk, citing data found in the CB Insights State of Automation report.

I love you.



P.S. Join us tomorrow for a deep dive on IIoT and advanced manufacturing. Sign up for the briefing.
Startup Spotlight
Below are a few startups that submitted/updated their data via the CB Insights Editor. Increase your chances of getting in front of our research team by submitting your company data here.
  • Blackbullion is an e-learning platform that works with universities in the UK to deliver online financial literacy lessons.
  • OpenSea is a ship chartering marketplace for shipowners, charterers, and shipbrokers.
  • GardenSpace provides a service that automatically waters your plants and monitors their growth.
  • Emoshape is developing emotion synthesis for AI and robots.
  • Disberse is a fund management platform that allows for the distribution and tracking of development & humanitarian aid.

Smart home market map

Smart home companies on our map are working across energy & utilities, smart locks, cybersecurity, health & wellness, and more. See the market map.
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How artificial intelligence is transforming cybersecurity

We detail how cybersecurity startups are using AI to take a new approach to counter some of the most significant cyber threats. Check it out.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

AI startups. Frank Chen (@withfries2) says in a few years, no investors are going to be looking for AI startups.
Machine Learnings

The myth of the millennial. Stephen McIntyre (@stephenpmc) talks millennials and investing in HR-related startups.

Biohacking. Tomas Barreto (@tomasrb) of Box shares biohacks for a better career.
First Round Review

Growth. Andrew Chen (@andrewchen) says growth is getting difficult as a result of competition, consolidation, and saturation.
Andrew Chen
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